Marnie Scarlet Exhibition – at the revamped Resistance Gallery, London

After an unexpected fire broke out at the Resistance Gallery in Bethnal Green, the highly anticipated exhibition from Marnie Scarlet In the Kingdom of the Blind, is set to impress London audiences on the 6th November 2014.

marnie 5

Marnie works as a fetish designer and began designing costumes that would later be used in her career as a burlesque and cabaret performer at a wide array of events from Download to Cannes Film Festival.

marnie 2

“I have been a cabaret performer for 6 years now. Before that i had already made some outrageous outfits and I thought it would be great to come up with some ‘stories’ to go with the looks.” Marnie

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Internationally her career has taken her from New York to Europe and it is her ability to draw inspiration from recycled house hold items to pop art and surrealism that truly reflects her creative flare and eye for detail.

marnie 1

The event will feature a vast collection of ‘wearable costumes’ and ‘un wearable art pieces’ as well as bringing her art to life with a special performance of her 3 favourite show pieces.

“The Resistance Gallery was one of the first places I performed when I started performing and the first place that included some of my art pieces into the group shows that Izas sometimes organizes. They proposed the idea to me a few months back to do a solo show of my work, as I made so many props and costumes and un wearable art pieces. I jumped at the opportunity of course.”

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For an unforgettable night of latex oddities, photographic art prints and some of Marnie’s favourite live acts, head over to the newly refurbished Resistance Gallery for an adventure into a modern world of artistic genius.

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