Italian Power/Prog metal band Nexus Opera announce their debut album

Nexus Opera have been active for over ten years, and finally in 2014 – after internal vicissitudes – they can fulfill the dream of every band: release their debut album.

Tales From WWII – this is the title of the album – closes a circle that began a long time ago. The tracks cover different periods of compositional and stylistic evolution and sound is blended in a power-prog melodic and symphonic, even baroque sometimes.

In the background of the conceptual theme that the title of the album suggests – World War II – the tracks cover events and people, famous or not, related to the largest armed conflict in the history of humanity, sometimes reported in an fantasy like key, sometimes in a much more raw and direct way.
Nexus Opera
Nexus Opera

The album will be released worldwide, exclusive for Spider Rock, November 30, 2014

Return of a Hero
Katyn (Death in the Forest)
Nacht Hexen
Freedom Fighters
For a Thousand Cranes
The End of war