Dirty K Interview By Ben Spencer

Dirty K is a solo electronic endeavour from the UK whose concoction of pounding bass beats and ambient drones have been filling floors across the UK and Europe for 8 years. The hard work from the front man Ryan Dirty K is indicative through his vast discography and unrelenting prowess, that is guaranteed to provide electro enthusiasts with that much needed fix of explosive beats.


Dirty K
For the benefit of our readers, who may be unfamiliar with your genre of music, could you tell us a little bit more about what is ‘Rhythm & Noize’ and how does Dirty K fit in to this music?

Rhythm & Noize is better known as Power Noise or Rhythmic Noise, it’s a fusion of distorted beat music and harsh noise, Dirty K fits this genre very loosely I would say because there is a lot of different elements to the dirty k sound if you will, including unhealthy doses of ambient soundscapes, broken beats, techno and hardcore as well as the above.

In the past you have released four albums and some EPs. Could you tell us about the song writing process and the kind of work that goes into your music?

Yes, there is also a new album on the way! Dirty K used to be a duo, so the track writing used to work a lot different than it does now. Basically we both used to sit in the studio and write the separate elements to the tracks, then record the tracks, now it’s a solo project. I have a very schizophrenic music writing approach and it works really well for me, I get a rhythm in my head and lay it down in the studio and layer it with chaotic noize, slowly shaping and forging a racket into a groove

Dirty K Logo
You are also heavily involved with the production and handling your own designs. Could you tell us about where you draw inspiration from when crafting your own designs?

Dirty K was and has always been a 100% self controlled project, from design to the music, the influences come from all over the place really I have a keen interest in the metal and hardcore scenes so I suppose mostly there really.

You have been described as ‘A sound track to the apocalypse’ How does it feel to be described in this way and was it your intention to create a sound like this?

I think my music matches my personality really, I just have a love for really heavy and abrasive music, so people describing it as the soundtrack to the apocalypse is fine with me.

Aside from playing some of London’s most highly esteemed alternative clubs such as Slimelight, you have also played festivals in Germany and Poland. How has the reaction been to your music abroad? How similar or different have these experiences been?

Absolutely… without a doubt. Over the years Dirty K have picked up fans from far and wide all over the world, so in response to this question Dirty K fans are crazy wherever they are from. Playing Europe is always a great experience so weather its in UK or Europe it’s the same, only in Europe the scene and festivals are somewhat larger .

Dirty K Promo
What has been your most memorable performance and why?

It is really hard to pick just 1 but some of the most memorable would be Maschinenfest 2012, Infest UK 2012, WGT 2013 and Forms Of Hands Festival 2012

Amidst the electronic noise that you make, you have some interesting lyrics in songs such as ’Demons 2 Some’. Could you tell us about some of the themes you cover?

I have always been an avid horror movie collector so over the years the vocal snippets have came from mostly dark, horror and post apocalyptic story lines.

There have also been some remixes to your original songs. Are there any of these re-worked songs that stand out for you?

Artists such has Mono No Aware, Catastrophe Noize and Chemical Six from the DKAG fame have remixed for Dirty K over the years all of which are solid artists

If you could share a stage with anyone who would it be and why?

Most of the artists I wanted to share a stage with already happened; Mono No Aware, MS Gentur, Winterkaelte, Synapscape, Needle Sharing, S.K.E.T, ESPLENDOR GEOMETRICO, but I am open to do it again and again and why?…Because they are all awesome!

Is there anything that you would like to add that hasn’t already been covered?

Keep listening! And look out for the NEW record entitled “The Rite Of The Enraged” Coming soon.