PSYDOLL to play Valkyrian festival + Announce UK Tour Dates!

State-of-the-art Japanese metal and synthetic engineering!
“We have been designed to evolve and in a symphony of destruction and reconstruction. We will surpass our creators”.

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Vocals+Keyboards+Songs and Lyrics : NEKOI
Guitars+Arrangements+Programs : ucchi
Digital Percussion+Drums for Japan domestic stages: UENOYAMA

Forming in the Summer of 1997, Psydoll consisted of vocalist Nekoi and guitarist Ucchi. Nekoi’s involvement in the Manga industry plus the duo’s shared love for Japanese animation and SF films provided the inspiration for their sound and soon they are making demos.

In January 1998 they make the transition to a live band, performing extensively in Tokyo’s venues. Digital percussionist Loveless joins in the Summer of 1999, augmenting their sound and live performance.

Word of Psydoll spreads worldwide and they start gigging outside of Japan.

-2001, May……..Anime North Convention in Toronto, Canada
-2003, April……Beyond The Veil Festival in Leeds, UK
-2003,November…Mini tour at UK venues
-2004, January….1st album for worldwide distribution, “I PSYDOLL”
-2005, July…….Headlining gigs in UK
-2006, October….UK tour*
-2007, October….UK tour*
-2008, August…..Electro Prague Festival in Praha, CZ as a headliner
-2008, August…..with tour for Germany
-2009, May………2nd album, “10 SPYGLASSES”
-2009, July…….WWW festival,Amersfoort,Holland
-2009, October….Withby Gothic Weekend, with additional numbers of tours at UK
-2010, July…….Advik Anime convention in Praha, CZ as a solo performance
-2010, October….Halloween Goth event at Manila,Philippines
-2011, July….Electro Prague Festival in Praha with tour for Germany, Austria
-2012, November…..UK tour

-since 2005……Monthly group event called Machine Magic in Tokyo, Japan

*Many of the tours and gigs consisted Psydoll to be the headliners.


PSYDOLL Thunderbolt tour 2014 November – Give me your batteries!!!-
From 19th to 23rd,November 2014
19 (Wednesday) Glasgow, Ivory Blacks
20 (Thursday) Edinburgh, Bannermans
21 (Friday) Valkyrian Festival, Londesborough in Bridlington
22 (Saturday) Bumper, Liverpool “Macabre Liverpool”
23 (Sunday) London, Surya “Machine Magic Psydoll”

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Machine Magic Psydoll in London

DATE: 23rd November 2014 (Sunday)
TIME: from 19:00 to 23:00
VENUE: Surya 56 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9JL, UK
TICKETS: £6.00 adv /£8.00 door

Bands:PSYDOLL -JPN-( Cyberpunk),Vera Bremerton -UK- (Gothic, experimental, daring.)
Wrapped in Plastic -UK- (Industrial Satanic Metal),Non-Bio -UK- (Electronica Industrial Alternative)
with: Monsterlune -FR+UK- (as mysterious creatures!) /DJ: Codex Europa -EU- (Dark Industrial Noise)
Adv tickets now on sale at:!machine-magic-psydoll/c1ps4

-Magic by machine-
Sounds are magic, words are spells.It’s the Multimedia gig where bands perform magic with machines-

To play music with machines sometimes requires doing magic. Behind the pitch black room, using only a few lights, musicians have created mysterious things. This is a gig that the witches and the alchemists gather.
Participate in their experiments, you’ll get a sense of something special.

This gig project started in the Cyber city of Tokyo, Japan in 1999 by some bands who played with machines.
2014 November 23rd, this is the first MachineMagic by Psydoll with UK,EU bands and the artists at the metropolitan city of London.

Facebook event page:

Psydoll continued to demonstrate their inimitable sound with a live show that fulfils all your sci-fi manga fantasies.

iPSYDOLL COVER1“I PSYDOLL” the first reissued album for the world-(2004)

Sleeping Beauty
Machinery Lemmings
Aka I Tuki
The End Of Faraway
In The Fog
No. 7
His Melody
The Song Offered A Hunter
The Iron Battleship With The Screw Made With Glass
Theme For PSYDOLL #2
Rose, Rose, RoseiPSYDOLL COVER2

PSYDOLL’s latest album “10 spyglasses”-(Apr, 2009)

Theme For PSYDOLL #3
Tokyo a go-go
Kanashii Music
Black Rain
Sky Melody
My Birthday