Rating: 3/5
Distributor/label: Art Of Propaganda
Released: 2014
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Latitude Egress
Latitude Egress

Niklas – everything



1. To take up the cross when through it you can win a kingdom
2. To cast a spot upon the death of your death
3. To walk at the hands of a dial
4. To reap the flame with fingers and a tongue
5. To tread on loose boardwalks
6. To restore the pride to Petravore
7. To march along the desolate peripheries of mind



Latitude Egress are not a newcomer since the band was known by Licht Erlischt… between 2007 and 2014, but Niklas decided to change the name of his project in order to dissociate his work from the contemporary depressive suicidal black metal. So, under the new flag of Latitude Egress a new album titled “To Take Up The Cross” was released in the end of October via Art Of Propaganda.

“To Take Up The Cross” is an album that goes through various outfits of doom metal: from funeral doom due to the slow-tempo that crushes salvation to more harmonious sections that lead us to melodic doom soundscapes. The condemnation that Niklas wants to transmit is clear in all those sides.

His voice usually starts in a harsh way in order to evolve to a cleaner usage in every lyrical verse being probably the most interesting feature in the whole record, showing that Niklas is a varied source in the employment of his elegant voice reminding sometimes of Mirror Of Deception.

Using three different guitars is also another cool aspect. We have one with a strong distortion working as rhythm guitar, a second one full of echoed chords and a third one working as lead guitar. This last one offers melancholic moments and also some escorting to the vocals – this nice tool is well understood in the first track, “To Take Up The Cross When Through It You Can Win A Kingdom”.

In spite of the good moments that were felt in the first two songs, the album starts to lose the originality and catchy quality leading us to some boring and hollow musical contents in the second phase of the record. We need to wait till the last song, “To March Along The Desolate Peripheries Of Mind”, to get once again the initial value. In these last minutes, Latitude Egress deliver a post-black metal approach in which atmosphere rules through compact and hypotonic guitar riffs fused to a cosmic lead guitar.

In sum, “To Take Up The Cross” is a nice catch for Niklas’s followers, but the musician needs to improve his diversity department in order to not be forgotten in this huge metal world.