Crossfaith @ Glasgow Garage

23rd November 2014
Review & Photos by Ritchie Birnie

Buckle up, grab your favourite energy drink (note there is no named brand as they wouldn’t give me any commission) and get your party pants on……Crossfaith are in town!

The hyperactive Japanese rave/metallers are in Glasgow to cause some chaos, but wait just a minute, I am getting ahead of myself as we have three support bands to build up the frenzy.

First up is Cytota…. I’m going to sum this up quickly; sorry guys, missed you! On before 7PM……what???

Next we have Cold Rain (3/5). On the go since 2007 and starting to pick up a bit of noise, they have 3 CDs out with the most recent ‘The Revelation’ being picked up by Hopless records with worldwide distribuition rights. For any gamers out there you may already have heard the song die tomorrow which was featured on pro evoloution soccer 2011.

This is a follow up tour after supporting Bullet for my valentine earlier this year. A good solid set with a lot crammed into half an hour. They got the crowd going with some great songs and seemed to enjoy themselves. They played a good solid set with a lot crammed into half an hour, who got the crowd going with some great songs! Definitely more to come from these guys.

Last support band before the main event sees Silent Screams hitting the stage (3.5/5).


First thing I have to say is guys….have you heard of misselling? Surely in this age of PPI we all know about it?
There is nothing silent about this band. They were a perfect warm up band for Crossfaith and although they may have only had an half hour set, in that time we had two circle pits and a lead singer in the audience.

The guys sold a fair few CDs tonight so that tells you how they went down. Good songs with two vocalists. Check them out!

0 Crossfaith

Now to the main course, Crossfaith (4.5/5). The guys came on, sat down on deckchairs, slippers on with a nice cup of tea……yeah right!

These guys are just crazy. If you have seen them you know what I mean, if you haven’t go see them now as you will not have witnessed anything like it. I do not care what your favoured genre is as I assure you will you enjoy them, although in saying that, there were a couple of people in the audience sitting down (it’s OK, I saw the lobotomy scars).

Now I may not be a detective but I feel the guys may have a little liking for the drink (seeing them stage left taking alternative swigs from a coke bottle then a Jack Daniel’s bottle maybe swung it…..oh that and a certain song). Well they are in the right city tonight as that’s one thing we Scottish can do right (well, that and any sport you can actually play in a pub).

0 crossfaith

They hit the stage with ‘We are the Future’, the amps are shaking, the floor is bouncing and the crowd are going crazy and in a flash we are one track down. I come up for air and look round to see the energizer bunny throw in the towel and walk away with its head down (go home bunny you were never going to win this one).

They blast through the next three songs, whizzing around the small stage (got to be the worst band to try and photograph as they never stand at peace). A really good light show for such a small venue, with lit risers at the front for them to bounce around on. The guys are really coming along and definitely well worth the headline status.
They are definitely building a solid following after the Kerrang tour and Download earlier this year.

. Crossfaith

Gala Hala comes and goes and leads into jagerbomb….oh crap the place is going bat crazy. This is a real crowd fave and it shows. We get a mid-song circle pit just to take it to the edge as if it was needed. There are people on the ceiling now (we can peel them off later).

. Crossfaith

Another five songs later and that’s it. All over (please read into this some sarcastic shock and amazed pleasure when they come back for an encore).

As per the set list they called the return, party time solo. We couldn’t see the set list but it didn’t matter as Glasgow was already in party mode with the Glasgow choir’s legendary chant of here we, here we, here we flipping go (please replace flipping with the correct contextual swear word also beginning with F). The band loved it and turned it into a full on electronic dance song…this also saw Terufumi Tamano disappear off the stage into the crowd for a little surfing.

. Crossfaith

That left us with Monolith, Omen and Leviathan to finish and it was all over far too quickly.
Guys get in the studio now and get more songs written…..oh, and get on the Stairmaster, build that cardio as you will need the stamina.

The guys played a blazing set and I can see a good future for them. Keep doing what you are doing, get that album written and get back out there. They promised they would be back in 2015….I will hold you to that!

. Crossfaith

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