Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Kaotoxin Records
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Released:  2014


colosus blestem
Band Lineup:

Krhudd – All instruments


1. Desertaciune
2. Mormant
3. Intuneric
4. Blestem
5. Dorinta
6. La apus
7. Red Snow
8. Pustiu



One-man black metal projects are not uncommon nowadays. Almost anyone with a decent computer and a fine taste in music can produce extreme metal from the comfort of their bedrooms. It’s far removed from the lore of the early nineties scenes. There’s no grimey studios and you no longer need the shittiest sounding amp to create a harsh black metal tone. Perhaps some of the authenticity has disappeared but in some cases the music is strong enough to shine through.

Colosus is the brainchild of Krhudd who handles all instrumental and vocal duties on Blestem, the band’s debut release. Described aptly as ‘Dark Ambient Black Metal Soul Torture’, the album kicks into light following an eerie synth opening with ‘Mormant’, a long, progressive track which sets the tone for the rest of the tracks on offer. There’s great blasting and great drumming in general from a man who clearly understands his craft.

The guitar work is nothing to write home about but it’s thick, heavy sounding and brooding. It doesn’t impose and drives the tracks. It’s atmospheric and intense which ticks the boxes for good black metal for me. The following tracks are of a similar high standard. Fans of atmospheric and heavy black metal bands such as Leviathan, Xasthur and even earlier Wolves In Throne Room may get a kick from Blestem. There’s some ambient instrumental tracks along the way too and a couple of ambient passages hidden within some of the longer opuses. It’s a good move as it shakes things up a bit and prevents the album from sounding samey or overlong.

Overall Colosus’ Blestem is a great achievement. Krhudd has clear knowledge of how atmospheric black metal and ambience work together and has produced a polished and well written, well played CD. It’s a very limited press so I’d recommend getting hold of one if you’re a fan of black metal in general.  There’s plenty to enjoy here.

Review by Andy Taylor