Rating : 3/5
Distributor : Code666
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Released : 2014
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Yixja – Guitars
Chris G – Vocals
Alkurion – Drums
Aslak Karlsen Hauglid – Bass


1- Deprivation
2- Lapse
3- Abnegate
4- Descend
5- Osmosis


“Happy New Year!” … are words than must have never crossed American doom death metallers Mesmur’s lips as their debut effort Mesmur is about everything but happiness and peace and love. What else would you expect when their style is categorized as “funeral doom”?

If you are ready to start the year in an apocalyptic way, in depression, gloom, doom and all those stupid words, Mesmur has the remedy for you, offering a range of ghastly ambiances to color black your day and spark your nights with silver splashes of despair.

Mesmur decided to be efficient, 5 tracks for 52 minutes of music. They mean long and powerful moments with heavy whining guitars, with poetic keyboard atmospherics here and there, maybe to remind us of the few lovely little things that might have made life worth living. The tracks are gloomy and long, the growling vocals low, and slow, as if a zombie was taking singing lessons. The titles are self explanatory, “Deprivation”, “Abnegate”,”Descend” etc, and interchangeable.

The main goal of this album is obviously to set a depressive mood and make you long for a compassionate should to put an end to your bitter suffering, and in that respect Mesmur is a success.

Review by Fatiha Zeghir