Ready for something different? Tired of all of the same old, same old? Get ready for FLUMMOX!



“FLUMMOX.” It is a word that means to perplex, to bewilder, to ultimately confuse the senses and that is precisely the main goal of this duo. Formed in Murfreesboro, TN by long time musical collaborators, Drew Jones & Blake Dellinger, in the summer of 2012, Flummox has delivered nothing short of this with their abrupt genre hopping, heavy riffing, and insane stage show.

Forming from the ashes of bands that limited their musical endeavors, Blake & Drew decided to create a band that could & would play whatever the fuck they wanted too. Whether they were playing heavy stoner rock anthems, progressive death metal epics, jazzy funk jams, or even 50’s style Doo-wop, it was all done under the Flummox banner.

Releasing their first three track E.P., “The Mindrape.p.” in 2012 with drummer Matt Rose, Flummox solidified itself as a serious project playing nearly 20 shows by the end of the year with various incarnations and stage antics. In late 2013, Flummox recorded their first album, ‘PHLUMMOXYGEN,’ with Dave Summers in the haven of his Tullahoma, TN home studio. With their drummer at the time failing to make the right commitments to the band, Flummox ventured on with the recording using drum tracks carefully constructed by Dave. In early 2014 after the album was finished, Flummox signed with Tridroid records and the album will be available in spring of 2015.

Currently, the Flummox trio consists of Dellinger, Jones, with Jody Lester as the singing drummer. With Flummox’s line-up and sound as solid as ever, Flummox plans on hitting the studio with Dave Summers again in spring of 2015 to record the full length follow-up to “PHLUMMOXYGEN.”