Orange Goblin – Back from the Abyss

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Candlelight Records
Released: 2014
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Orange Goblin - Back From The Abyss Band line-up:

Ben Ward – vocals, guitar
Joe Hoare – guitar
Martyn Millard – bass
Chris Turner – drums


1. Sabbath Hex
2. Übermensch
3. The Devils Whip
4. Demon Blues
5. Heavy Lies The Crown
6. Into The Arms Of Morpheus
7. Mythical Knives
8. Bloodzilla
9. The Abyss
10. Titan
11. Blood Of Them
12. The Shadow Over Innsmouth


My immediate reaction was twofold… firstly, I was completely blown away by their sound and tone. How many bands out there have a traditional heavy metal sound? Most bands are completely tuck away in their little sub-genre of heavy metal. They either go all out for that Slipknot or Hell Yea or Down cookie monster vocals and tuned down drop d guitars.
Then on the other side of the pond, over in Europe bands were becoming much too alike in the power metal sub-genre. Don’t get me wrong, I love power metal but it seemed as though it had been drifting into territory created by (and which ultimately led to their down fall) of glam metal in the late 80s where all the bands sort of stopped doing anything original and just became bad clones of each other. So to hear a band like Orange Goblin was a huge breath of fresh air and, pardon the pun, it was music to my ears!

Now on to the music; this is the band’s 8th full length album, titled Back From the Abyss, so let me start right off with the gems that come to mind…’Heavy Lies the Crown’, ‘Demon’s Blues’, ‘Into the Arms of Morpheus’; These three songs are worth the price of purchase alone. I want to delve into a bit in what makes those three tracks stand out. Heavy Lies the Crown is like nothing I have ever heard before. It starts out with almost a slow bluesy shuffle riff, and then kicks into heavier riffs after the singer belts out the opening lines, but it still maintained a touch of melody. The songs are very well crafted, overall, and nicely produced. With Demon’s Blues, it has truly great drumming with a mid tempo rhythm. The riffs for this song are very catchy, they almost have a galloping feel, ala Iron Maiden.

Now I felt there were a couple of lacklustre songs, namely The Devil’s Whip has a kind of cheap Motorhead imitation. Not a bad tune, just not very original, just not all that great either.

Overall a great effort, with very good musicianship. I do feel that the singer is misplaced in this band as he sounds like he should be singing for a Bay area Thrash band, not a more traditional metal band with catchy riffs and melody. What this band needs is a more powerhorse singer like a John Bush or even a Bruce Dickinson type of singer. They need a singer that has more versatility to their voice.

Review by Trapper Crane