Interview with Tootse La Rocque of Scarlet Vixens Burlesque Troupe

By Soozi Chameleone

The Scarlet Vixens Interview

Hey & thanks for joining us today! Aside from the usual tassels, glitter, feathers, if you could include any other accessory, substance, tool (liquid, props, animals…!) in your shows what would it be?

I love everything to do with cheesy rock especially from the 80’s and 90’s, so for me it would have to be a Flying V guitar (inflatable of course!) and I’m working on growing my hair back so I can head-bang properly!

What themes would you like to explore as individuals and as a group?

To be honest we’re all totally free to explore any theme we like, since our mantra is all about creativity and individuality. So if any of us come across a theme we want to portray on stage, we do it. We’re lucky enough to have monthly and bi-monthly shows so we have plenty of opportunity to bust out as many themes as we like! Personally, I’m exploring fan dancing to rock music right now, I love the juxtaposition between the elegance and softness of feathers opposed to the hard a gritty sounds of the music.

Where would be your Dream venue to perform?

I never got to perform at Madame Jojo’s before, it was sadly shut down last month and it was definitely on my list. It’s so sad that this legendary stage will no longer be host to any more shows. So, any West End stage (oh – did I mention we’re performing at the Leicester Square Theatre in February?!) So that’s pretty exciting!

The Scarlet Vixens Interview 2

Has dancing in heels ruined wearing them on a night out for you?

I’ve never been able to wear heels on a night out. Luckily in burlesque, whenever I’m wearing a pair of killer skyscrapers, I choreograph the routine to ensure they are one of the first items to be removed!

Do you think that what you do as a burlesque troupe provides a good example of what the female body looks like and encourages young girls to have body confidence?

Yes, I do. We have a wide range of dress sizes, height, image and genre within the troupe. We aim to help women love the body they’re in, no matter what shape or size. Body image is incredibly prevalent today as it always has been, and when people come to see our shows there is no air brushing – everything is there for people to see.

How long do you think Burlesque will remain to be popular for?

We hope forever! Since we’ve been a troupe we’ve seen it develop and morph into all sorts of areas and it is forever changing – which is brilliant because people will never get bored of it!

What other genres of dance do you enjoy?

I enjoy dancing like a loon to very loud rock bands. Oh, you mean actual dancing? Yes – I enjoy bump n’ grind and I’ve recently been learning a few very basic tango moves from our group routine choreographer, Lady Lisette Ruby which I’ve thoroughly enjoyed!

Many thanks for your time today and good luck with the performance tonight!

Thank you!