Orcultus – Black Rust

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Forever Plagued Recordds
Released: 2014
Buy Album [URL]: https://foreverplaguedrecords.com/Store.aspx
Band Website: https://www.facebook.com/orcultus


1. Purifying Plague

Orcultus - Black Rust
Orcultus – Black Rust

2. Black Rust
3. Cold & Silent
4. Filled with Flies
5.  Plague and Starvation
6. The Void
7. World Destroyer



If you’re looking for straight up pure misanthropic black metal then look no further than Swedish black metal band Orcultus. Determined for people to be solely concentrating on the music, the band release a message to the fans on the demo stating their desire for anonymity, “no names, no compromises, just raw Swedish black metal”. Their latest release, demo tape Black Rust out on Forever Plagued records is forth released in just over a year.

Black Rust sets the tone of the demo right from the first note, with ‘Purifying Plague’ kicking off with a violently misanthropic assault of crashing drums and tremolo guitar before settling back into melodic repeating riffs and harrowed, clawing vocal lines. Moving onto the title track, the demo takes on a steady pace that marches us through mid tempo riffing while the drums keep a prominent simple backing pattern. Much of the demo carries this through, switching between the purely hateful blasts and more melodic atrophic sections. ‘Plague and Starvation’ proves itself as the strongest track on the album as it quickly kicks in with a solid riff that maintains groove from start to end, backed by a step up in production giving it a monolithic that really sets it apart. While the songs mainly consist of simple beats and riffs, the demo never delves down into the realms of stale repetition. The simplicity of the tracks works in the bands favour, with well-placed timing changes keeping the music interesting throughout.

The old school sound may be done to death by many bands, but Orcultus are one of the few that could have walked straight out of the early second wave. While many could argue that a modern standard of production among black metal bands would improve the quality of the genre, this demo is one of those releases where the poor production works in the tracks favour, aiding the cavernous, atmospheric quality of the music. Black Rust is a true homage to the roots of black metal right out of the heart of the Swedish underground scene.

Review by Caitlin Smith