Nekkralai – Kliudžiau

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/ Label: Self Released
Distributor / Label URL: N/A
Released: 2014
Band website: and

nekBand Line up

Simonas Jankauskas: Guitar
Gytis Simkevicius: Bass/Vocals
Simonas Krasauskas: Drums

Album Track listing

1.       Intro
2.       Ugnim (By fire)
3.       Juodi pankai (Black punks)
4.       Žmogus butelis (Human-bottle or bottle-man)
5.       Varnas (Raven)
6.       Kliudžiau (I hit her)
7.       W.A.R.


Nekkralai are a band whose vision of converging Black Metal and Punk became clear during their early basement rehearsal days. Since relocating to Kaunas city and finding a drummer, their debut EP
Kliudžiau represents a landmark of their artistic vision.

With the ‘Intro’ serving as a prelude to the actual music itself, with several characters sharing a conversation, ‘Juodi Pankai’ is where everything gets going. The gritty sounding bass and speedy drums are full of adrenaline as the guitars follow in a similar manner. The vocals soar high above the mix and remain consistent throughout.

‘Zmogus – butelis’ comes with plenty of infectious riffs and catchy drum work and keeps the momentum going. The double kick pedals towards the closure, crank up the intensity showcase the band’s daring approach to song writing.

The record remains consistent with the sonic prowess of ‘Kliudiau’ being one of the records most memorable junctures. Meanwhile, ‘W.AR.’ delivers cathartic guitars, precise sounding bass lines and displays a greater versatility in the vocals.

This debut EP is an impressive output by a band whose sense of experimentation is clearly present. While it may not be the most accessible punk music you’re likely to hear this year; the band are all the more alluring because of it. With plenty of variation between songs and an edginess that is unmistakably their own, these guys may be onto something pretty big in the near future.

Review by Ben Spencer