Static Tension Recordings is proud to announce their first release:Original Demo Recordings by PUBLICIST UK – An exciting new band featuring members of Revocation, Municipal Waste, Goes Cube and Freshkills.

Original Demo Recordings will be released as a limited edition 7″ on February 17th 2015. 

Publicist UK


About Publicist UK

With absolutely zero discussion for what the band should sound like, or for what the band’s goals were, four people (Dave, David, Zack, and Brett) came together to form PUBLICIST UK. When the band formed in late 2013, there was not a single member of the band who had known, met, or talked to all three other members. PUBLICIST UK was four friends-of-friends who became friends and who soon had well over an album worth of songs, and who had no idea what people would think of the music they were making, as it was so vastly different than any other music they’d ever made before. In the middle of 2014, the band posted two rough recordings, which gained the attention of Decibel Magazine, MetalSucks, Noisey, Metal Injection, and others. They signed to Relapse Records in September of 2014, and spent the rest of the year completing their first album, which will be released in 2015.


Brett Bamberger: BASS
Zachary Lipez: VOCALS
David Obuchowski: GUITARS
Dave Witte: DRUMS

David Obuchowski’s other bands: Goes Cube, Distant Correspondent.
Brett Bamberger’s other bands: Revocation, (formerly) East of the Wall
Zachary Lipez’s other bands: Freshkills
Dave Witte’s other bands: Municipal Waste, Burnt By The Sun, Melt-Banana, Discordance Axis, East West Blast Test, Black Army Jacket, Brain Tentacles.

Album credits
Recorded by David Obuchowski, Josh Hall, Brett Bamberger, Zachary Lipez, and Zohra Atash.
All songs written by PUBLICIST UK, c/p 2014.
Mastered by Mike Tucci
Guest vocals on “Never Gone To School” by Zohra Atash of Azar Swan
Photography by Matthew Tyson