Crucifyre – Black Magic Fire

Rating: 4.5/5
Distributor/label:  Pulverised Records
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Released: 2015
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Band line-up:

Black Magic Fire CoverKarl Envall: bass, backing vocals
Yasin Hillborg: drums, lead guitar, keyboards
Torbjörn Gräslund: guitars, backing vocals
Erik Sahlström: vocals
Urban Skytt: guitars


1. Apocalypse Whore
2. Black Magic Fire
3. Pentagram Palms
4. Baphomet’s Revenge
5. Funeral Pyre
6. Faces Of Death (His Satanic Shadow)
7. Through The Darkness
8. Anneliese
9. Wolf’s Hour
10. One And One Is One


I confess, I didn’t hear of the band Crucifyre before. What a mistake. This is some serious no bullshit, pure in-your-face metal. The band description says the guys play corpse ripping, nun raping, priest fucking metal, and this description is spot on. If you like brutal, vulgar, uncompromising, occult blackened death metal, you are really going to dig Black Magic Fire.

Crucifyre consists of musicians from other bands such as Afflicted and Morbid to name a few. The experience shows. You wouldn’t want Crucifyre playing at your kid’s birthday party however (unless you are one of those weird metalhead parents who force their child to wear corpse paint to school). Vocalist Erik Sahlström is essentially growling a lot of occultist lyrics about Satan, end of the world and other lovely things.  His style is very similar to that of Cronos of Venom and it’s not your typical death metal growl.

Interesting for a death metal album, Black Magic Fire actually has a lot of ambiance to it, such as children chanting, bells tolling etc. For example, the first track titled Apocalypse Whore starts with a slow guitar intro with a woman chanting in the background, eventually opening into blast beating drums and a killer riff.  Other notable tracks are Anneliese which  has a kick ass Slayer-like riff leading the entire song and Through the darkness which has a really  amazing guitar solos overlapping each other.

Experienced and talented musicians got together and made a really evil sounding album. There are many influences present, namely Venom, Slayer and Mercyful Fate (whose guitarist Hank Shermann made a guest contribution to the track  One And One Is One) to name a few. Labelling Black Magic Fire death metal wouldn’t be accurate however, as I had the feeling that a lot other genres were present also. There are elements of doom, some slight black metal influence or just pure 80s metal, all mixed together.

Overall, this album is well rounded and will appeal to a wide metal audience, mostly fans of old school death metal. You can expect some pretty fast tracks with killer riffs and evil lyrics. Also worth noting is the album cover. It looks like angel children drinking blood . Pretty bad ass, well designed. It’s nice to hear some proper death metal with an old school feel to it, which actually sounds nice. That is the case of Black Magic Fire. Raise your horns and give it a listen.

Crucifyre Photo2

 Review by Adam Zelenay