Deep in the dark and misty forests surrounding Lublin, you can hear the ritualistic intonations of one of Poland’s new vanguard of black metal bands. Literally hellbent on capturing the true aura of the hallowed ‘traditional black metal sound’, Demonic Slaughter crafted their fifth opus Haunted in a studio in the woods. “No triggers or any digital lies were used during the recording process”, we are warned. 

Demonic Slaughter


Listening to this album is akin to stepping into the band’s cabin: you see Mayhem, Darkthrone and Satyricon tapes scattered by the walkman, incense sticks stubbed out into pentagrams painted on the floor. The harsh sounds emitted from the studio speak of evil and destruction, intoned both in Polish and English, with the familiar tropes of tremolo guitar and pounding drums also present. The final track however, “Death’s Creek”, is an altogether different beast, a final brooding act of passage after the rites before it.

Praise for past Demonic Slaughter releases:

an all-out Black Metal assault”- Voices From The Darkside

their commitment to black metal is undeniable and much appreciated” –

Demonic Slaughter is:
Xaos Oblivion – vocals, guitars, bass
Opium – drums
Perversor – lyrics, graphics
Guest: H. – vocals, guitars, lyrics

Dignity Of Terror EP (2007)
Demonic Possession EP (2008)
Cold Disease of Reality (2009)
Soulless God’s Creation (2010)
Revelations of Death (2011)
Dark Essence EP (2012)
Worshippers of the Darkness split (2012)
Downfall (2013)
Haunted (2014)

Demonic Slaughter online: