On 28th February Last Great Dreamers are launching their new single, ‘Supernature Natural’ with a special show at an old haunt: The Cellar in Oxford. 

Last Great Dreamers


This one-off gig is a prequel to a UK tour currently being booked for April this year, with support at the show from blues-rockers Get Loose.

Tickets can be purchased here!

Speaking of a recent show in London, Richard Thompson of Classic Rock magazine said of Last Great Dreamers:

“Entertaining, spirited and infectious… Last Great Dreamers have all the ingredients to be popular again.”

When a band gets mainstream press attention, comes 2nd to Skunk Anansie in theKerrang! Newcomer awards and flirts with label signings like sweets in a sweetshop, you’d imagine a bright road ahead for their musical careers.

Well for Last Great Dreamers, 1995 was the year they courted fame. However glory turned to tragedy and the band subsequently became victims of rejection, a changing music industry and personal tragedy,which lead to the bands untimely demise. In 2003, after the funeral of their tour manager, the band decided enough was enough, and parted ways.

Fast forward a decade……
After a bizarre series of coincidences and a smattering of fate, Last Great Dreamers are back – with a renewed passion to see their music live again.

Throughout two decades of music and life experiences, the band now consists of original members Marc Valentine (Vocals/Guitar), Slyder (Guitar/Vocals) and joining them are Ian ‘Scruffykid’ (Bass) & Ginge (Drums), both with their own Last Great Dreamers stories to tell. Ian was part of the original road crew and Ginge was the drummer for the earlier incarnation of Last Great Dreamers – called Silver Hearts.

The bands full history is a must read, and can be found over at

Last Great Dreamers are:

Marc Valentine | Vocals, Guitar
Slyder | Guitar, Vocals
Ian Scruffykid | Bass
Ginge | Drums

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