Tridroid Records is excited to announce that Kobayashi Maru by  Caveat will be the first digital release for the label. Consisting of 5 tracks Kobayashi Maru is an excellent introduction to the band. 



Despite the fact that the band is commonly pigeon-holed as doom metal, the band in fact has elements of many different genres, such as psychedelic metal and death metal. The diversity of genres present in the music makes Kobayashi Maru a fascinating listen.

About Caveat:

Originating in late 2012 and residing in Eau Claire, WI, Caveat seeks to combine veteran experience with an open approach to doom / stoner metal, and music in general. The lineup currently consists of Brandon, Emily, Zakk, and Nate (Bones). With said lineup including current and ex members of Infernal Altar, Dresden, Boner No Boner, Purge The Woods, Death First, Flags Will Cover The Coffins, Caveat’s sound deviates from the status quo and is new territory for all members. As a result, the song structure remains unconstrained, all the while retaining a heavy and driving undertone. When not writing or rehearsing, members recreate in a variety of ways, with hobbies including: bickering, hugs, drinking, small engine repair, maintaining spreadsheets, but mostly drinking. If there is one way to summarize Caveat, it is with a quote. “They don’t think it be like it is, but it do.”

“There’s a stylistic collision between the Bolt Thrower-esque rhythmic rumble and tumble of riff and drum and the Baroness-like ear for rending melody that marks this quartet as one of the most exciting (and promising) newcomers to the Eau Claire metal scene.”Volume One Magazine

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