Barishi – Endless Howl

Rating: 4.5/5
Released: 2015

usAMYKoAZKwDDpEkgG4GMth1ansEgDiohuqxPg68HWE-1Band Line-up:

Sascha Simms – Vocals
Graham Brooks – Guitars
Jonathan Kelley – Bass
Dylan Blake – Drums


1. In the Hour of the Wolf
2. Smoke from the Earth
3. Endless Howl
4. Snakeboat



This is a fantastic release! Formed in 2010, Barishi from Vermont have created a progressive, harsh, melodic and technically impressive self-release in Endless Howl. They have produced a seemingly effortless flow of distorted guitar tones interspersed with crushing vocals and a dynamic range that captivates.

From the very first note of ‘In The Hour of the Wolf’ we are hit by Barishi’s low, shredding guitars and harsh, growling vocals. They create a rich spectrum of sound in this opening track demonstrating their talents from the short melodic fills, breakdowns, vocal variation and endless progression forward. The second track ‘Smoke to the Earth’ leads us in with a continuous build up until an atmospheric break that sees Sascha Simms’ vocals penetrate this ethereal plane. As the song comes to a close the progressive takes over in a polyrhythmic display of steady bass lines and jazzy percussion overlaid by distorted guitar melodies, after which we are thrown back to chugging riffs in the title track ‘Endless Howl’. This immensely catchy track where sweeping fills, impressive guitar runs and groove inspired bass lines are accentuated perfectly by the dynamic vocal lines and Graham Brooks’ psychedelic feeling solo before the final track ‘Snakeboat’. The slow percussive introduction and drudging chords are met with a deep growling and pulsating before a scream shatters and throws us back into a maelstrom of chaos which sees us through to the end of the track.

This album has all the variation and tight formation that makes an impressive record. Numerous concepts are interwoven through the tracks and they are done so in a way that maintains interest without being inaccessible. The vocals, so often done badly in death-influenced bands, are exactly what I hoped for with a wide dynamic range and distinguishable lyrics. For all those into progressive death… Endless Howl is a must.

Review by Helen Collins