Mourning Mist – “Mourning Mist”

Rating: 4/5
Forever Plagued Records
Released: 2014

MOURNING MIST Cover 500x500 hirezBand line-up:

Ecnerual – violin/vocals
Chris – guitar/vocals
Mid. – drums/vocals
Kvasir – bass/vocals

  1. The Flowing
  2. Freefall
  3. Rage
  4. Torment
  5. Rise and Decay
  6. Lament

MOURNING MIST are a relatively unknown band from Italy.  Fronted by a violin player Ecnerual,  The band deliver a dazzling display of avant-garde, atmospheric and progressive black metal with elements of doom and drone metal.

The 6 songs on this album are incredibly hard to pin down, the quality musicianship of the members lends to their forever shifting genre and musical directions in each tracks progression.

The violin is well incorporated into the songwriting, not dominating the other instruments, but also not fading into the background. Rather then the violin being forced into the creative process, there is a definite sense that the violin is an integral part to the writing as well as the other instruments. The songs shift seamlessly from relentless black metal-esc trem picking and relentless drumming, to slow drone doom passages. To almost 80s Goth atmospherics.

The impressive musicianship keeps the songs from becoming an overly ambitious mess. By showcasing flying solos, technical sections, well crafted dynamics and a true sense of song progression.

A variety of vocal deliveries performed by each member of the band gives each section of a song a new meaning. Varying from high pitch shrieks, low growls and aggressive shouts. Not falling into the trap of monotonal and stagnant vocal passages.

The Production has the warmness of old while not sacrificing clarity, allowing each instrument to breathe while keeping the atmospherics. There is no over compression, no senseless frequency boosts, everything is as it should be, and showcasing each other and complimenting each other in a perfect way.

This is a release that will appeal to those wanting to hear progression, evolution, music that is evolving out of other influences to create something new, fresh and interesting.

Review by Danny Page