Rating : 4/5
Distributor : Metal Blade Records
Released: January 2015
Buy album: Bandcamp
Band website : http://www.ifthesetreescouldtalk.com


Zack Kelly – DrumsITTCT - ATEBTS
Tom Fihe – Bass
Jeff Kalal – Guitar
Cody Kelly – Guitar
Michael Socrates – Guitar


1 – From Roots to Needles
2 – What’s in the Ground Belongs to You
3 – Terra Incognita
4 – Above the Earth
5 – Below the Sky
6 – The Sun Is in the North
7 – Thirty-Six Silos
8 – The Flames of Herostratus
9 – Rebuilding the Temple of Artemis
10 – Deus Ex Machina


If These Trees Could Talk, well they can’t! But the post-rock quintet from Akron, Ohio seems to know and has offered the world a compilation of their secrets. Sounds of their mysteries. Just guitars, 3 to be precise, drum, bass. Pretty basic set but what they have succeeded to create will feed your days, nights, dreams fantasies with a heavy atmosphere of drama and eternity.

In their first full length release, Above The Earth Below The Sky, released independently first in 2009, ITTCT give us their best demonstration of dramatic musicality in lengthy instrumental sessions powered by the 3 ambient guitars, flowlessy releasing their strong emotions throughout the whole album.

The record opens with From Roots To Needles which slowly walks you to that other world, like a gentle introduction to the book where you are the hero. The book would be about a guy who enters a wild natural world in the ancient times and who tries to survive in it. The evocative titles are all about nature manipulated by man and the Gods (Ancient). There is a will to pay tribute to the force of nature, with titles such as Terra Incognita and Above the Earth and Below the Sky.

The musicians leave no stone unturned to express that invisible power that gave us life. The music is so universal some of their songs were featured in video games and in the film industry. Above the Earth, Below the Sky is a beautiful remembrance of what we take for granted everyday. An album perfect for moments of solitude when you want to feel lost and tiny in this universe and take a distance, just to appreciate the little things. Probably for this reason that Metal Blade Records decided to rerelease this opus at the beginning of the year and we can only thank them for that!

Review by Fatiha