When a band gets mainstream press attention, comes 2nd to Skunk Anansie in the Kerrang! Newcomer awards and flirts with label signings like sweets in a sweetshop, you’d imagine a bright road ahead for their musical careers.

Last Great Dreamers


Well for Last Great Dreamers, 1995 was the year they courted fame. However glory turned to tragedy and the band faced contractual nightmares, a changing music industry and personal tragedy, which lead to the bands untimely demise. In 2003, after the funeral of their tour manager, the band decided enough was enough, and parted ways.

In true Rock n Roll style, the Brit rockers Last Great Dreamers are back! Having announced their first UK tour since reforming in 2014. Playing an impressive 11 dates across England & Wales during April 2015 as they continue to promote their critically acclaimed 2nd album ‘Crash Landing in Teenage Heaven‘.

Guitarist, Slyder comments on the tour:

“We’ve worked hard getting these dates together, we wanted to try & spread ourselves across the UK as much as we could & are very excited to be properly back on the road again. We are disappointed not to have been able to get further North & into Scotland on this occasion because of logistical reasons but hope to on our next outing.”

Drummer Steve Grainger, a member of Silver Hearts and Last Great Dreamers from 1992 – 1997 will be re-united with the band on the first 8 dates with Ginge taking over for the last 3 shows.

Slyder says of Steve’s return:

“It’ll be good fun having Steve along for some of the gigs, we’ve had a rehearsal together already and he slotted straight back in”.

Last Great Dreamers – April 2015 UK Tour

April 4     Chelmsford – Asylum (Buy Tickets)
April 8     London (Camden) – Fiddler’s Elbow (Buy Tickets)
April 9     Nottingham – TNT  (FREE ENTRY)
April 10    Norwich – B2 (Buy Tickets)
April 11    Doncaster – Little Theatre (Buy Tickets)
April 16    Evesham – Iron Road
April 17    Bournemouth – Anvil
April 18    Wellington – Beambridge (Buy Tickets)
April 24    Kidderminster – Secret garden
April 25    Abertillery – Doll’s House (FREE ENTRY)
April 26    Oxford – Wheatsheaf (Buy Tickets)

For tickets for the remaining shows please check the band’s Facebook for up to date information

Unveiled at a special release party show in Oxford at the end of February, Last Great Dreamers launched their latest single “Supernature Natural” which is available to buy fromAmazon & iTunes

Here’s the video for ‘Supernature Natural’:


Last Great Dreamer’s latest album ‘Crash Landing In Teenage Heaven‘ is out now!

Last Great Dreamers are:
Marc Valentine | Vocals, Guitar
Slyder | Guitar, Vocals
Ian Scruffykid | Bass
Ginge | Drums

You can find Last Great Dreamers in the following places:
Last Great Dreamers Official Site