Sodom @ The Underworld, London

20th February 2015

Review by Soozi Q

Tonight The Underworld is a sea of stereotypical metalheads; customised demon jackets and grisly beards coupled with all-in-black, jingling from heavily chained belts, stompy-booted metal chicks. They are out in full force to support the almighty Sodom. The band that didn’t quite make it into the ‘big four” of thrash are by no means unloved, and tonight’s turnout implicitly reflects this.

sodom flyer

Sodom chose wisely when they invited Berkshire boys Divine Chaos (5/5) to support them. Having just released their highly anticipated first full length Album via Evil Eye Records, DC are brimming with infectious energy, searing enthusiasm and a genuine love for the highly technical, catchy and passionate material. With a set that contains a third of the amount of numbers Sodom later blast out, the intensity is palpable; front man Benny practically ricochets and bounces off of his fellow band members and at times the audience as his high octane vocals screech out and rip through your eardrums in a delightfully satisfying way.

Latest release ‘Death Toll Rising’ is pure evil and the audience behave in an almost possessed manner.The circle out doesn’t take long to form, a common occurrence at DC gigs, no matter how small, and classic track ‘Shadow of God’, with the horrifically powerful lyrics reflecting the current and century- long struggles in Palestine and the Gaza strip. Former bassist Tom Baker wrote these upon returning from supporting those affected by the conflicts in the Gaza strip and it remains as one of the band’s strongest pieces. DC are superb at engaging with the audience, creating intricate yet melodic riffs and accompanying it all with the relentlessly fierce drumming from super machine James Stewart.

Divine Chaos set list:

Last Confession
Death Toll Rising
The Myth Of Human Progress
Shadow Of God
Ignorance Everlasting
Rivers Of Blood
Fields Of The Fallen

Then audience are practically tearing their shaggy hair out in anticipation for Sodom (4/5) tonight, and there is no denying that they can well and truly deliver to a premium standard. With material as strong as any of the big players in the thrash scene, Sodom show huge diversity and a multi layered approach; numbers such as ‘Agent Orange’ sear through your skin like a shower of razors and in complete contrast, ‘My Final Bullet’ nearly caresses the ears. They may not be technically advanced to extreme standards, but what they lack in technicality they make up for by creating irresistible, addictive and all-out ballsy material that any thrash metaller can’t help but fall for.

They will continue to remain as strong as they have always been for another decade, most likely and this is partly due to the unwavering support of their die hard fans, which is great to see. Crowd pleasing, tight, energetic and fantastic performers, it is no surprise that Sodom are still standing today.

Sodom set list:

Final Bullet
Sacred Warpaths
Outbreak Of Evil
Bird/The Saw Is The Law
Christ Passion
Sodomy And Lust
An Eye For An Eye
Napalm In The Morning
Tired And Red
City Of God
Into The Skies Of War
Burst Command
The Art Of Killing Poetry
Proselytism Real
Agent Orange
Fuck The Police
I Am The War
Remember The Fallen