Winterfylleth + The King Is Blind @ The Black Heart, London

11th March 2015
Review, photos & videos by Ancient Winds

One month after a successful UK mini tour supporting Primordial, Winterfylleth came back to London in March, headlining a special show at the tiny Black Heart. Due to the limited space offered by this venue, there were not many tickets available and the gig ended up being sold out quickly. For me and the majority of people who were there, it was a kind of intimate show and the fact that Winterfylleth performed an extended set including ten tracks from their whole discography made this event even more special.


They invited their longtime friends The King Is Blind as support band to my great satisfaction. The last time they both played together was at the Colchester Arts Centre in September last year. It was a fantastic night and this Black Heart gig was even better regarding those two bands!

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It was the first time The King Is Blind (4/5) played in London. Their last live performance occurred in their hometown Colchester to support cult UK brutal death metallers Desecration. Following the example of the headliners, they delivered an extended set (six songs in total).

For the ones who still don’t know them, this is the new horde of Paul Ryan (ex-guitarist of Cradle of Filth and The Blood Divine) who is also working as a booking agent for The Agency Group and represents the following acts: Cradle of Filth, Trivium, In Flames, Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, Devilment, Bullet for My Valentine, Bring Me the Horizon, Rise to Remain and many others.

He was a founding member of Cradle of Filth along with his brother Benjamin (keyboards) and Dani Filth. He played as a guitarist in their first recordings and cult masterpiece of symphonic vampyric black metal “The Principle of Evil Made Flesh”.

The King Is Blind represents a new musical beginning for him as their style is completely different from his previous bands. They play a kind of groovy doom/death metal that makes you headbang until the end thanks to their ass-kicking riffs. Formed in 2013, they did two demos and signed quickly with extreme metal label Mordgrimm Records to release their first EP “The Deficiencies of Man”.

Their compositions are inspired, mixing both styles with coherence. What makes them more original is the efficient use of some groove metal influences, reminding a little bit Pantera. Throughout their set, the power of their death metal alternated brilliantly with the typical sickly slowness of doom metal. It was the third time I saw them on stage. I’m simply impressed by their lightning rise and very impatient to hear their first album that should come soon.

I strongly recommend you listen to “The Deficiencies of Man” meanwhile. They remain one of the most promising and original UK extreme metal band I’ve discovered recently.

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They received some warm acclaim from the audience and left their place to Winterfylleth (5/5). Well, what can I say about them? It was the fourth time I saw them on stage and once again, they were incredible as always!

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I attended their last London concert one month ago. Therefore, it’s difficult for me to not repeat myself. Since the release of their first great album “The Ghost of Heritage” in 2008, I have always considered them as the worthy successors of Ukrainian legends Drudkh and Hate Forest musically speaking.

Their atmospheric black metal art is enchanting, with those epic riffs and choirs reminding the ancient battles that occur on the Anglo-Saxon lands. Winterfylleth’s art is an unforgettable journey through the majestic landscapes of the old Kingdom of England. Following the example of cult pagan black metallers Forefather (who have definitely influenced them regarding the lyrical themes), this Mancunian horde succeeded in incorporating their national pride and a kind of Anglo-Saxon pagan feeling into their compositions.

That could be felt in Chris’ hateful vocals and their soaring melodies. Moreover, their new guitarist Dan Capp (who has recently replaced Mark Wood) did very well. It was simply spectacular! Only great talented bands can achieve that and they belong to this category without any doubt. They’ve recently got the privilege of appearing on the front page of Terrorizer; although I hate that magazine, I think they’ve entirely deserved this mark of recognition. Congratulations to them!

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They were highly acclaimed by the crowd and left the Black Heart in triumph. After their amazing live performance, they took some funny photos of themselves along with their friend Alexandros Antoniou, founder of Macabre Omen (cult Hellenic pagan black metal band) and extreme metal label Demonion Productions.

Given that Macabre Omen have just released their long-awaited second opus “Gods of War – At War” (which has already been unanimously hailed as a masterpiece by the international press), they all imitated Alexandros’ gesture as shown in their new album’s cover artwork.

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Nice tribute!


Special thanks to Paul Ryan for his kindness and support!

For more complete video songs of Winterfylleth’s live performance in London, please check the following link: