Grande Roses – Built On Schemes

Distributor/ Label: Graphals Release
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Released: 2015
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grande rosesBand Line up

Göran Messelt Andersson, vocals,
Magnus Eklund and Johan, guitars,
Robin Ejnebrand, bass
Emil Karlsson, drums.

Track Listing

1. The Knife Digs Deeper
2. Build O Schemes
3. Ambulance
4. For A Greater Cause
5. Seconds For Hours
6. No Future
7. Mountains
8. Liars Nest
9. Spread the Ashes


Following up with their second output, Grande Roses are back with their sophomore release Built on Schemes. Produced by Martin Ehrencrona (In Solitude), the band deliver an even more focused and mature sound throughout this 34 minute offering.

Opening with ’The Knife Digs Deeper’, the guitar tone sets the adrenaline running with the opening seconds. From here the track launches into an impressive array of melodic rock. The vocals, pierce through the mix with a strong clarity among the infectious drum beats and solid chorses.

‘Build On Schemes’ comes with steady drums and guitars, acoustic guitar intervening throughout the track and displays the band’s innovative song writing.

The album follows up with the grinding guitars of ‘ambulance‘, with its electronic beats resonating faintly in the background, making this one of the record’s most memorable junctures.

Meanwhile, ‘No Future’ has some impressive guitar strumming and an anarchic lyrical narrative, giving everything an edgier vibe. The song appears to be celebrating the freedom of youth and the energy of music. A real stand out track.
The sombre sounding ‘Liars Nest‘ comes with an impressive vocal range and solid drum work. The cathartic atmosphere and thought provoking chorus section is one that belongs at an arena sized venue with fans singing along right the way through.

Closing off with, ‘Spread the Ashes’, the guitars drive the track forward while the vocals deliver a strong level of urgency that build all the way until the hard rock closure.

Every now and then a rock album comes out that makes you stop what you’re doing and take note, and Grande Roses do just that! Full of intelligently crafted songs and infectious grooves, if these guys don’t become one of the big names in modern rock then there is something seriously wrong with the world!

Review by Ben Spencer
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