Rise Above Dead – Heavy Gravity

Rating: 1/5
Distributor/label: SHOVE / MOMENT OF COLLAPSE
Released: 2015

Rise Above Dead - Heavy Gravity
Rise Above Dead – Heavy Gravity
Band line-up:

Luca Riommi: drums
Stefano Bigoni: guitars
Matteo Sala: guitars
Diego Leone: bass


1. The Last Migration
2. Mountain Of The Divine
3. By The Light
4. Heavy Gravity
5. The Lone Tower
6. March Of The Locusts


This is the third album for RISE ABOVE DEAD and the first following the departure of their singer, Andrea Rondanini. With only six tracks you could be forgiven for thinking this album would be short but with the first track, ‘The Last Migration’ being the shortest at just shy of four minutes you definitely get a lot of music for your money.

There are different elements and variations throughout as if bringing in as many options as possible. Having said that the variations are more variations in effects, not necessarily in rhythm or energy. Most of the tracks are at a very sedate pace and make much use of repeated loops of melodies, before adding another repeated melody. Normal then you may say, but I don’t mean this in a verse, chorus, verse repetition, but more a long line of repeats.

A usual song structure is more of circular road; bringing you round the song and though the different elements. These songs are more one long road, and not one where you know where it is going. But it does indeed keep going….and going.

‘By the Lights’ throws a space age effect and one you could imagine playing during an old movie where you’re watching flying saucers go through the night sky. Later on it becomes more grounded by the bass and bass drum, and the clearer, more natural sounding guitars keep it rooted. However, it has a very sedate rhythm to it and many sections are repeated and built up to create what is actually a 7 1/2 minute song. This sedateness to me is wrong for a long song which is one straight line, it needs natural breaks for you to attach to.

The next four tracks all have the same sedate pace and though the previously mentioned differing effects have been added throughout, again I cannot hear where any of the songs are going. This is not helped by the length of the songs, nor their similarity to each other so it can feel that you’re still listening to the same song.

The songs are all slow, repetitive, with such little real variance I struggled to keep listening to the album towards the end and have to admit that I had to stop some songs and either go back later or move onto the next song. Towards the end there should have been a faster song or two to bring the tone and emotion of the album up and to raise the spirits of the listener. However I was left feeling nothing short of depressed.

Review by Rowena