The Kahless Clone – Self Titled

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/ Label: Independent release
Released: 2015
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kahless cloneBand Line up

Vito Marchese: Guitars
Zach Libbe: Electronic Drum Programming
Garry Naples: Drums
Andy Bunk: Bass
Ben Johnson: Keys

Album Track listing

1. Leave This Place With Me
2. I Can Feel Them But I Can’t Remember Them
3. Everything You See Is Gone
4. A Somber Reflection


Featuring November Doom’s guitarist, Vito Marchese, The Kahless Clone began as an outlet for the November Doom guitarist to explore the instrumental regions of his musical interest. After evolving into a full line up this debut release combines a unique hybrid between Dark Metal melancholy and Post Rock exuberance.

‘Leave This Place With Me’ unravels slowly with melodic piano led intro and proggy guitars. The steady drum work builds as the riffs catapult forward, launching the track into a vast sonic terrain of beauty. The Impressive blues lead guitar provide an insight into the band’s creative abilities, and it works as a solid unveiling the band’s sound.

Meanwhile, ’I can Feel Them But I can’t Remember Them’ comes with a great use of guitars that wade in with consistent drum beats. Around half way, the droning guitars and eccentric drums pave the way onward into exhilarating heights that will get Explosions feeling nothing short of euphoric.

Personal highlight, ‘Everything You See Is Gone’ ruptures with urgent sounding guitars and drums. The dense sounding riffs towards the end surpasses everything else on this record as the band continually raise the bar further with each track.

This debut release reveals a quality control that is rare to find in a band’s infancy. However, The Kahless Clone a have a clear destination in mind of where they want to take their sound and ultimately where they want to take their listeners. This four track journey bursts full of vitality and goes beyond the realms of Post Rock and into the great unknown.

Review by Ben Spencer