Debut album “Mode” out on April 17th via Hummus and Division Records. 



ØLTEN are very wise in the way they balance HEAVY with BEAUTY
CVLT Nation

Have you ever seen a wild boar pedaling a military bike with a couple microphones sticking out of its arse? This is the kind of sight that can occasionally be witnessed in the forest of Watch Valley, where these guys are from. As the distillery blows up, it’s loud as hell, it digs trenches in the road, pulverizing dry leaves. This is the kind of image that depicts ØLTEN the best. They draw a kind of animalistic pleasure out of hitting hard and poking their snouts into the audience’s stomach. The worst part is that it actually works! With titles straight out of the Ikea catalog – “Mamü”, “Tallülar”, “Ogna” – ØLTEN  shakes you by the neck (slowly but surely) and shows which animal hides within the prison of your ribs – bear, ram, or duckling. Waking up your instincts, that’s what ØLTEN do best.

If ØLTEN were to be a city, it would definitely lie at the heart of a triangle made of Longyearbyin, Pripiat and Balsthal – wherever the hell that means! The three members are obviously fond of human coldness. They can’t be asked to shave properly, they wear checked shirts and use old amps that have been gathering the dust of general oblivion for ever. On top of that, these grumpy boys appear to worship shot putter Werner Günthör, despite his roots in Thurgovia. That’s the icing on the cake. Even though they don’t lack sense of humour, Christophe Macquat, Sébastien Bandelier, and Marc Theurillat are still full of grim, even frankly sick, ideas. These come across in their music. With instruments sounding like they’ve been tuned in a basement by the devil himself, these guys will undoubtedly spark the interest of young anthropologists desperate for a new case study. Disillusioned by the mere existence of the human race,

This band, formed in 2012, sets off on its journey with the release of its first gruelling and biting selt-titled EP in June 2013. The fat sound oozing out of this hydraulic press still leaves room for the listener to actually enjoy the great extent of the musicians’ technical skills. Nothing has been left to chance here. Far worse than a mass destruction weapon, ØLTEN invents the deconstructing machine. It carefully operates from its rear base, located in an industrial wasteland near Delémont.


01 Bözberg
02 Mamü
03 Ogna
04 Gloom
05 Güdel

Christophe Macquat (guitar/synth)
Sebastien Bandelier (bass)
Marc Theurillat (drums/synth)
Thomas Lijedahl (guest vocals on ‘Gloom”)