Portland’s Triumvir Foul, purveyors of all things raw, thick and nasty, have announced that the vinyl version of An Oath Of Blood and Fire is now on sale. Recall that raw filth that inhabited much of the cream of the 90s Swedish and American crop: this record has it in spades. 


The bastard lovechild of Autopsy and Nihilist, this duo have picked up all the right elements of both sides of the pond, topped with Ad Infinitum‘s cavernous growls. Both guys unleash their pent-up aggression, beating the hell out of their instruments on tracks with names such as “Abhorrent Depths” and “Silence Continuum”. And as if to answer our prayers, the record closes out with a re-imagination of Autopsy’s “Embalmed”, replete with its muddy caveman grooves and chaotic soloing.

Link to 7” EP:
Link to 7” EP and patch:

Triumvir Foul EP

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This thing positively reeks of potential, and you’re going to want to keep one eye open in anticipation of Triumvir Foul’s next move.”- Pitchfork

If you’re a fan of Death Metal and either missed out before or happen to get the chance to pick up the first pressing, An Oath of Blood and Fire will leave you keeping an eye on Triumvir Foul to see what develops in the years to come.”- Stereokiller

They’ve got both a reverence for death metal’s past and an exciting path forward into its future.”- Horns Up

Triumvir Foul is:
Ad Infinitum – strings & vocals
Cedentibus – skins

Recorded by Jordan Huston
Mastered by Andrew Oswald


Triumvir Foul band pic


Godz Ov War Productions

Third Eye Temple

Essential Purification Records