Melanchoholics – Solar Café

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/label: Eibon Records
Released: 31 January 2015
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1. Rotten City Radio
2. Adam Dunkel
3. Paranoia Lodge
4. Hiring Bearded Women
5. Solar Café
6. Presence Of Absence
7. The End Belongs to This World
8. Nuclear Wellfare
9. Minus1One


MELANCHOHOLICS are a three-piece band, consisting of minimal guitars, low-end bass and lo-fi electronica. This is the third and final recording by the group; an ambient, drone post-rock affair which incorporates in noise elements and lo fi production.

While this album is by no means a gateway into their discography (and I doubt they intended it to be such) it is a very well rounded representation of their overall sound. The Godspeed-esc minimalistic guitar lines, dark ambient soundscapes, repetitive phrases that build and build to a climax.

This is a strong record for Melanchoholics, however I feel it takes a while to get going, the first 2 tracks feeling quite self indulgent (in the drone genre, GOD forbid?!) and the album doesn’t really pick up until the 3rd track, but from “Paranoia Lodge” onwards, I find this album takes a brilliant turn, incorporating interesting samples and spoken word passages, interesting studio experimentation panning, and the general mix is very thought out and complex. It’s definitely not an album with stand out songs, more a complete transition, I’d love to experience it on vinyl.

Melanchoholics may not win you over if you’re new to the drone/noise/ambient genre, but if you’re a fan of Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Harvestmen, Menace Ruine and Earth. I would recommend giving this album some attention. It’s a pity this is the last recording in the bands discography, but the wealth of what they have already recorded will keep any fan satisfied.

Review by Danny Page