Shields – Guilt [EP]

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Self Released
Released: 2015
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Shields - Guilt

Band line-up:

Joe Edwards
Sam Kubrick
Jamie-Lee Underwood
Alex Rayner
Andre Caudebec


1. I’ve Dealt With Worse
2. No Hope
3. Guilt
4. Jordan
5. But This Feels Worse


The metal 5-piece Shields are back for a second EP, which is out this spring, formed in a small corner of London during 2012. During the first 6 months of playing shows,Shields wrote their first EP and organised a self release. Quickly from it’s success they gained fame on “ones to watch” lists up and down the UK, Since then they have been trying out new material and conclusively wrote this new EP offering.

The EP kicks off with a flourish of rich melodic sounds that layer quickly as “I’ve dealt with worse” ripens in audio flavour. Through the screams and ripping lyrics there is harsh yet distinguishable melodic side to the sound throughout. Going down an almost Djent/metalcore meets prog route with second number “no hope” you’re met with a full blown assault of swirling guitars, pounding in force yet still retaining it’s clarity, vocal layering, which comes in a powerful and well presented package. It’s a strong number to serve as an introduction to the self titled track.

“Guilt” cascades in with an instant barrage of vocal strikes, the EP so far has been one ballistic shot after another. With its broad infusion of extreme metal and hardcore elements, there is a seismic energy that does let up during the fourth track of the EP; “Jordon” which brings a pit worthy punch in it’s wake. It’s not without wholesome stylised breakdowns, growls and clean singing, all staples of the genre.

Just before the end the EP “But This Feels Worse”,suddenly whispers into a ocean of clean steel picking and whirs across the music scape. Something that this band seems to be in favour of, its not long before the peace is shattered with another wave of crushing sounds, in a very similar format to how extol used to write. Ending with a rich harmony of vocal murmurs, it’s been an energetic and well produced piece.

“We feel that ‘Guilt‘ is a massive step up for Shields, both musically and when it comes to the lyrical content”, explains Sam Kubrick (Vocals/Guitar). There is no denying that this EP is a clean and fresh, look at the genre, sounding like a cross between As I lay dying and Killswitch engage, yet they have their own sound that has crunch and leaves you feeling mentally exhausted from its enormity. This is a very promising second release from the 5 piece.

Shields and Carcer City will be hitting the road on the following dates across the UK

APRIL 30 – EDINBURGH, Studio 24
MAY 01 – DUNDEE, Buskers
MAY 02 – WARRINGTON, The Dog House
MAY 03 – BOLTON, The Alma
MAY 05 – SHEFFIELD, Corporation
MAY 06 – HULL, O’Rileys
MAY 07 – BIRMINGHAM, Oobleck
MAY 08 – HARLOW, The Square
MAY 10 – BRIDGWATER, Tiki Beach

Review by Ashlinn Nash