Crowquill Records have teamed up with Echoes and Dust to premiere “Follow the Blind”, the new track from progressive metallers CODAS-The solo project of Sleep Lady guitarist Mario Quintero. The track is taken from the upcoming debut album Currents which is set to be released digitally via Crowquill records on June 2 2015. 




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Codas Bio:

Codas began in January of 2015 as an experimental outlet for Mario Quintero, known for his involvement in bands such as Sleep Lady and Spotlights. After Sleep Lady went on hiatus, Mario and his wife Sarah Quintero (bassist in Sleep Lady) relocated to Brooklyn, NY and began Spotlights, a 3 piece post-rock project. Codas stemmed from ideas that just weren’t fitting the mold of either band and took on a life of their own. They became his debut EP Currents, a 4-song, 30-minute record that makes you wonder how it all fits together while keeping your attention through heavy, math-charged guitar riffs and dirty electronics. The album is meant to be played as a whole as it takes you on a ride, beginning with the droning “The Sun Martyr”, through the jagged sounds of “Follow the Blind” and “White Black”, and then rounding off in the ambience and heaviness of the title track.

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