The Swiss outfit Darius has unveiled their debut full-length album “Grain”, via Arctic Drones. The album is due to be released on April 10th via Hummus Records. 



Grain is a brilliant debut effort from a band who has what it takes to make it in the instrumental post-rock scene. The 9-track album, driven by heavy guitar riffs and solid drum beats, displays a raw passion that easily grabs the listener’s attention.
Arctic Drones

Five friendly looking Swiss lads, twenty-two half-broken strings and three sparkling drum shells. This simple strategy can’t fail, it’s built to last. After six years of existence, they’re finally about to release their first full-length effort. It ain’t like they were wasting their time; they opened for acts like Meshuggah, Deftones, Lords of Altamont, and… Henri Dès. They’re obviously a live and down-to-earth band. This led them to record “Grain” at Bikini Test, the coolest venue, with Christoph Noth, a dude everyone knows, around there, as THE perfect touring “Swiss knife”. No wonder then if they sound on record like they are in real-life: warm and frank, loud and fun.

Three guitars – what do they use them for? Crushing sonic waves of instrumental grandeur. Darius manage orchestral songs without pompousness. Raw riffs. Simple and repetitive chords you wanna play with too much excitation. Riffs that hurt your wrist and cover your guitar with blood. Riffs that once layered form an atypical, choral and fairly violent post-rock. Like a big cake, made of real and healthy ingredients, nutritive, fat as fuck and surprisingly digest. “Grain” is a rich pastry of intense instrumental rock. It even features the coolest icing: girls, girls, a lot of girls, a whole female choir. A classic recipe in fact: two dozen women, three electric guitars and blood all over.


01 Apache Assault
02 Samantha
03 Okkotemasu
04 Quasar
05 Pazer am Gesicht
06 Sane
07 R
08 Spårm
09 Used

Yannick Neveu (guitar)
Alan Brunetii (guitar)
Daniel Huguenot (bass)
Samuel Andrade (drums)
 Sylvain Aebischer (guitar)