Basic Human Error, the new album from UK-based William English, is set to arrive on June 30th 2015. While the album’s 7 tracks mainly consist of sludgy doom, the album also mixes in hardcore elements, such as in the album’s opening track (and first single), “Bud Vessel”. After the short blast of hardcore, the album then takes on a slower pace, and sludge/doom fans will find themselves in for a real meaty treat. 

William English


While the band may not be a household name yet, Basic Human Erroris destined to become a must listen for anyone who likes their music thick and heavy. While fans of sludgier bands such as Rwake, Eyehategod and Mistress will find a lot to enjoy, elements of traditional doom are also present, making Basic Human Error a well-rounded release.


William English Is a 5-piece UK sludge/doom band from East Anglia, mixing traditional sludge riffs with multiple metal influences. Add in vocals that combine hardcore barking and shrieks, and you have their unique and thundering sound.

The band mainly formed in 2012, after having many identity changes and members coming and going. The band finally setteled with Ryan going from bass to guitar and Shane joining to do vocals. At this point the band released a two-track demo to hand out for free, after this came the split E.P with Three Thrones entitled WETT.  Now finally in 2015 the band are set to release Basic Human Error.

The band has extensively gigged around London, Bristol, Colchester, Nottingham, Norwich and Bury St Edmunds with bands such as: Three Thrones, Art Of Burning Water, Telepathy, Old Man Lizard, Slabdragger, Jøttnar, Meadows, Undersmile and Children of God. The band has also released their first single from Basic Human Error, the lead-off track ‘Bud Vessel’ with a video made by local film artist Donovan Jones.

View Bud Vessel here:


Pre-order Basic Human Error here:http://grandadrecords.bigcartel.com/product/basic-human-error-william-english

William English:

Shane Miller- Vocals
Joe Woodbury – drums
Ryan Carter – Guitar
Dave Vickers – Guitar
Callum Gibb – Bass

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