Moonspell + Lacrimas Profundere @ The Underworld, London

3rd April 2015
Review & videos by Ancient Winds


Two years after Moonspell’s amazing performance in London in April 2013, the Underworld Camden welcomed once again the Lusitanian werewolves as part of their 2015 Road to Extinction European Tour. This time, they were supported by German gothic hard rock act Lacrimas Profundere that had just replaced Septicflesh. This tour has been a great success for the Portuguese so far with several sold out gigs in France and Portugal. Greek symphonic death metallers Septicflesh supported them from the 12th of March until the 1st of April and went straight to Norway for the Inferno Metal Festival. Then, they went to South Africa for the Witchfest. Many people were sad to know they couldn’t play in the UK but I can tell you that the crowd were not disappointed at all by Lacrimas Profundere’s (4.5/5) fantastic set!

Signed at Napalm Records since 1999, this Bavarian band started playing Atmospheric doom/death metal in the mid-nineties and changed progressively their style to gothic metal/rock. Released in 2013, their tenth album “Antiadore” received positive reviews from the international press and confirmed their status as gothic rock masters along with HIM and The 69 Eyes. They delivered mostly tracks from their recent era, including the classics “Ave End”, “Amber Girl” and “Again It’s Over”. The audience was immediately charmed by their impressive performance, especially the women who were very enthusiastic. It wasn’t surprising for me as this style of music is well-known for having a strong female fan base. Rob Vitacca’s deep voice is smooth and sensual. In my opinion, he was clearly the right vocalist to replace Christopher Schmid in 2007 even though his predecessor was more talented than him. The only small negative point was the absence of a real keyboardist on stage to take care of the synth parts. This is due to the fact they haven’t used any keyboards in their last recordings and as a consequence, I understand that hiring a session musician for that wouldn’t make sense really. Anyway, they succeeded in conquering The Underworld thanks to their experience and great melodic songs. Let’s hope they will be back soon!

Then, all the lights became dark blue and I suddenly recognized the introduction. The majestic keyboard parts of the French song “La Baphomette” (exclusively performed in Paris on the 31st of March) were already announcing the best. Dark metal pioneers and gothic metal kings Moonspell (5/5) came on stage to the great happiness of their pack of wolves present that night. In 2013, I remember that their London concert was quickly sold out (as part of the Alpha Noir European Tour). Two years after this memorable event, the venue was crowded as hell for the second time. I had the chance to attend their incredible Parisian show two days prior to this one and I really don’t know where to begin. It’s difficult for me to not repeat myself as the London set was almost the same as the Paris one (with some slight differences). They offered eighteen fantastic tracks, mostly from their brand new masterpiece “Extinct” and several Folk/Atmospheric black/dark metal jewels (“…of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)”, “Vampiria”, “Ataegina”, “Alma Mater”) from “Wolfheart” to celebrate the 20th anniversary of this cult first album. They also performed some classic songs (“Opium”, “Awake”, “Mephisto”, “Full Moon Madness”) from their most well-known and best-selling album “Irreligious” released in 1996. Instead of “Em Nome do Medo” (which means “In the Name of Fear” in Portuguese), they played the stunning “Scorpion Flower” taken from another masterpiece “Night Eternal”. Fernando is very charismatic as always and I would like to offer my congratulations to the guitarist Ricardo Amorim (who has lost his father recently) for being impressive once again.

To conclude, the sound and atmosphere were better than in Paris, making this performance even more astonishing and significant. There’s no more to say about it. It’s one of the best gigs I’ve ever attended for sure. Fernando promised the crowd that they will try to organize a special UK tour in the future. That would be absolutely awesome. May Trebaruna and Ataegina (ancient goddesses of the Lusitanian mythology) hear him!
Obrigado Moonspell!


1) Breathe (Until We Are No More)
2) Extinct
3) Night Eternal
4) Opium
5) Awake
6) The Last of Us
7) Medusalem
8) …of Dream and Drama (Midnight Ride)
9) Funeral Bloom
10) Domina
11) Malignia
12) The Future Is Dark
13) Scorpion Flower
14) Vampiria
15) Ataegina
16) Alma Mater

17) Mephisto
18) Full Moon Madness

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