Moonspell – Interview with Fernando Ribeiro @ London Underworld

Face to face interview with Fernando Ribeiro (vocals) from Moonspell
3rd of April 2015 @ Moonspell tour bus in London
By Ancient Winds (Interview photos by Jarod Lawley)

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The 2015 Road to Extinction European Tour has just finished for Moonspell. It was a very successful tour for the Portuguese, with several sold out gigs in the UK, France and Portugal. Their brand new album “Extinct” has also been a commercial success so far, entering the charts of several countries in Europe (number 1 in their fatherland for instance).

Before the beginning of their show in London at the Underworld Camden, we had the opportunity to do a face to face interview with their founding member and charismatic vocalist Fernando Ribeiro. Our discussion took place in their luxurious tour bus, with the presence of their tour manager Bruno Fernandes.

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In this interesting interview, Fernando talks about their status in Portugal and how metal music is perceived there. He also discusses about their previous gigs in the UK and their famous 1995 Wolfheart European Tour with Morbid Angel and Immortal. He explains how difficult this tour was for them at that time, especially when they played in Norway.

Then, he talks about the death threats that Moonspell received from Mortiis (ex-bassist of Emperor) in 1994, his relations with the Norwegian black metal scene and how the band was perceived in this country.
He also gives his opinion about his black metal side-project Daemonarch and its current status.
In the end, he provides some details about the lyrics & concept of their new masterpiece “Extinct” and talks about their popularity in France.

I would like to thank deeply Fernando for the time he granted to me and Napalm Records for giving me the opportunity to do this interview. I also would like to thank the tour manager Bruno Fernandes for providing us the setlists and his great support.
Obrigado Moonspell!

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“Extinct” release date: 6th March 2015

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