Ghost, of post-industrial We Have A Ghost, has revealed the track listing for his second studio album Encounters, as well as providing an in-depth update on the album’s evolutionary process. 

We Have a Ghost


An intensely personal record, Ghost locked himself in a room in the middle of nowhere over the last several months, armed with an Elektron Analog Keys synth, and wrote a genre-defying album regarding a series of encounters which he refuses to talk about. Attempting to pigeonhole the album is nigh on impossible, although you may result in tags like ‘ambient-industrial-electronic and post-rock meet alt-synth pop’.

Ghost also has an army of like-minded collaborators on this album. He’s bringing back drummer Zia Uddin (The Mayfield Four, International Heroes, Modwheelmood), and adding Danny Ryder (Of These, Hope), AGW (A Great Weight), Ryan Colgan (Crepitus) and Steven Sheffield to the list, along with contributions by Chris Vaughn, Jonno Lloyd (Ventenner) and Vru Patel (Solarein) among others.

The track listing is as follows:

1. Intro
2. The Agreement
3. Darkness
4. Sunshine
5. Encounter
6. The Ache
7. Pixels
8. The One
9. The Lie
10. Streets of London
11. Irreplaceable

Ghost has provided us with a studio update on the record, stating: “It’s a very organic process, I’m not rushing.  We’re on track but there’s still a lot of work ahead this year. The collaborators should be done with their parts or revisions in the next few months. I’ve been getting new revisions in a few times a week. 

Right now, Ryan is polishing up guitar on ‘Pixels’. Vru is working on Irreplaceable with me, and it’s so moving it’s hard for me to listen to it. AGW is editing his multilayered work on ‘The One’. Jonno just sent over parts for ‘Sunrise’. Steven is working on bass for ‘Encounter’, and finishing up a revision for ‘Streets of London’. Zia and I are just waiting to get in the studio to track drums.

In the meantime I’ve been writing / refining / rewriting lyrics, working on string arrangements, editing, revising various parts. I’m hoping to record drums this summer, vocals, synth, and strings this fall, followed by mixing and mastering late this year.

The album pledge campaign is live right now, you can check that out here: https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/encounters-new-album-by-we-have-a-ghost

There is a video teaser with samples from Encounters here:


Track stream from self-titled début, “The Secret”: