Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Up “10th Anniversary Event”

Date: 19th April 2015  (This event takes place every 3rd Sunday of the month)
Location:  Krispy Kreme, New Malden
Organizer:   David Williams
Photos and Words: Claudia Bauch and Steve Salmon

The anticipation for this month’s Krispy Kreme Meet Up was huge, especially as this month’s event marked the 10th anniversary of this monthly meet up, organized by David Williams.

In order to secure a parking spot, some participants decided to park their cars the night before in the Krispy Kreme car park, whilst others decided to arrive at 8am on this sunny Sunday morning.


We arrived at Krispy Kreme’s just before 9.30 am. The car park was already packed with beautiful Hot Rods, Muscle Cars and Custom Cars, whilst other cars were parked from the flyover in New Malden and nearly half a mile down the main road on both sides.


Besides the usual rock’n’roll dancing entertainment, Simon Neffarious Pollock was also on hand to lay down some pinstriping when required for this special anniversary event.


After meeting up with our friends, we began to explore all the beautiful cars on display, admiring Hot Rods cruising around and enjoying the occasional burn out.


By lunch time, we managed to see most of the wonderful vehicles on display, so we decided to have a coffee and doughnut, whilst listening to classic Rock’n’Roll, before having a final stroll through the car park.


The attendance on this month’s meet up was of course far higher than usual, as it was the anniversary event.


What stood out for us was and always is, the friendliness of everyone, and the relaxed atmosphere of the event. The Rock n’ Roll DJ made the event more special and gave the whole thing a real touch of Americana.
 Even more special, was the presentation to the organiser David Williams, in the form an illustration by Graham Durbridge, and it was to say thanks for ten years of Krispy Kreme Hot Rod meets. 
Our favourite cars were all of them, however, my top five were; The Poison Ivy Ford Rancharo, The green 51 Mercury pick-up, a beautiful pearl white 1948 Cadillac, a red 1932 Ford model B roadster and black Plymouth Roadrunner.
Claudia’s were the aforementioned Poison Ivy, a black 67 Ford Mustang Fastback, a black 68 Dodge Charger, the aforementioned pearl white 1948 Cadillac, and a 68 red and white Mercury Cyclone. 
To use David Williams words, “How on earth are we going to top this event? It will be quite a challenge!

Never the less, this lovely monthly event for the whole family is always the perfect chance to see beautiful Hot Rods and catch up with friends over a good coffee and doughnut.


Needless to say, that we are already now looking forward to the next Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Meet Up in May!