Saturday 21st November will see the final Valkyrian Festival take place after five years. With Winter Storm already confirmed for the Valhalla Stage, which will be hosted at The Venue in Selby, two more bands have been announced including the Danelaw Stage headliners.

Added to the Valhalla Stage are steampunk inspired symphonic metal unit A Clockwork Opera, who made their live debut earlier this month at the UK’s only symphonic metal festival Northern Symphony. A Clockwork Opera is the vision of guitarist and songwriter Paul Cooper: a symphonic metal soundscape inspired by the Victorian era and all things Gothic.

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Announced to headline the Danelaw Stage, which will be hosted at The Riverside in Selby, are Jeremy Lawler’s Winter’s Edge who were recently seen on tour with Thunder And Lightning. Winter’s Edge is a Self Funded Metal Project created by Guitarist Jeremy Ross Lawler in 2010, He is known to of been in over 10 UK unsigned metal bands including Distopia, Aggrothesis, Signed By None and Dreadnought in his time so far as a musician.

Even though it took a few years to finally work on the project that day came when the original Winter’s Edge band separated Jeremy decided to reclaim the name and go solo and on the path to search for many guest musicians from around the globe to create something unique in the world of Rock and Metal that we know of today.

Valkyrian Festival will take place on 21st November in Selby, North Yorkshire.
Advance tickets are available for £10 from this location: and e-tickets are available from