Predatory Light – MMXIV

Rating: 3/5
Distributor/Label: Pesanta Urfolk
Released: 2015
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1) Changing Skins
2) Spiritual Flesh

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American Black/Doom metal filth mongers Predatory light unleash “MMXIV“; their debut EP on the excellent label Pesanta Urfaust. It is at times an astonishing piece of work.

The band manage to move seamlessly between pitch black sonic savagery and swampy sludge doom on “MMXIV”. It is quite captivating, but feels as though they have yet to fully realise their vision.

The EP opens with “Changing Skins”, which immediately unsettles with its slowly drawn out intro. It despondently strides out with a slew of chilling, glacial riffs and gurgled, unintelligible tonsil torture. It is at once atmospheric, cavernous and punishing. It escalates to a satisfying crescendo, and then ruthlessly crushes the spirit with doom laden dirges as the song lumbers to its conclusion.

Track two is entitled “Spiritual Flesh”. It unfurls with a jangling picked guitar intro. The pace of the song is unremittingly slow, and is possessed with a putrid, rancorous bitterness until the song reaches its midpoint at which time it breaks down into sledgehammer brutal blackened insanity. It returns to a more syncopated pace with another delightfully perverse riff, before lurching headlong into warped, cataclysmic insanity.

At only two tracks “MMXIV” is never boring. It serves its purpose in that it whets the appetite for a full length album. If this EP is anything of an indication for the future it will be excellent.

Review By Owen Thompson