WhiskeyDick – Welcome to YeeHaw County

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: www.whiskeydickonline.com
Released: 2015

Welcome to YeeHaw County
Welcome to YeeHaw County
Band Line-up: 

Fritz – Vocals and Guitars
Reverend Johnson – Guitars


1. Redemption
2. Train Robbin’ Gun Toting Good Time
4. Breathin’ A New Life
6. 18 Wheels Of Hell
7. My Prison State Of Mind
8. Drunk as Hell
9. Devil’s Eyes
10. Murder Love Song
11. Black Tooth Grin
12. Gun Totin’ Rebel Son
13. Fallen Heroes


WhiskeyDick, a tattooed Texas guitar duo who play acoustic country… These guys were exactly what I expected and they’re great. ‘Welcome To YeeHaw County’ will make you want to drink yourself into a booze-filled sing-a-long in some seedy bar. Their shredding acoustic guitar rhythms reminiscent of Pantera would certainly get the attention of metal fans and with the addition of some incredibly catchy chorus’s WhiskeyDick are pretty unforgettable, and I bet they are a lot of fun live.

The first track ‘Redemption’ instantly sets the scene with a harmonica, lively bluesy riffs from Johnson and Fritz’s strong vocal lines which blaze a trail through ‘Train Robbin’ Gun Toting Good Time’ right through to the third track ‘YEEHAW’, which certainly doesn’t take itself seriously. ‘Breathing A New Life’ continues the upbeat feel before a change in pace for ‘Help’, the first ballad on the album with a melody and vocals that’ll make you momentarily forget your life and order another drink.

’18 Wheels of Hell’ returns to the attitude laden, fast guitar rhythms of the opening tracks before ‘My Prison State Of Mind’ settles and leads into ‘Drunk As Hell’. We’ve all been there! This is another great singing and drinking song complete with catchy riffs and lyrics. ‘Murder Love Song’ has a western feel and tells a tale of betrayal, don’t annoy this guy… ‘Black Tooth Grin’ is designed for all the Pantera fans out there and is surely something Dimebag would have been proud of. We get one last blast of energetic shredding in ‘Gun Totin’ Rebel Son’ before ‘Fallen Heroes’ closes the album.

WhiskeyDick’s blues based fast riffs, softer ballads and hillbilly humour is littered through this release, add an all-encompassing feeling of intoxication and the result is ‘Welcome To YeeHaw County’. Fritz delivers a great vocal performance throughout this album with his clear and gritty tone lending itself to the county music aesthetic. ‘Welcome To YeeHaw County’ is what you expect but the execution is flawless and this Texas duo have released a fantastic album.

Review by Helena Byrne