Aelter- IV: Love Eternal

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor/label: Pesanta Urfolk
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Released: 2015
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Band LineupAelter IV Digi Cover

Blake Green- All


01. Intro
02. Death Eternal
03. Love Eternal
04. Life Eternal
05. Hope Eternal


As one of the many side projects to emerge from those in the experimental Wolvserpent camp, Aelter have now released four albums, with this one, IV: Love Eternal being the most recent album in this band’s saga of “Americana Noir”. The act is essentially the solo project of Blake Green, the Idaho musician who under this moniker adopts luscious textures and sounds to create a modern yet classic, traditionally romantic vibe. His USA roots however, can be shown with the desolate atmosphere’s created by sparse tangy guitars, and shaking percussion that rattles through the tracks like a slow moving snake.

After a soothing intro, “Death Eternal“ lures the listener in with a luxurious aesthetic. Green’s voice soothes the listener and intertwines like a lover with minimalistic yet haunting keyboards. The wide open expanses we became familiar with on debut album Dusk Dawn are still prevalent, with “Love Eternal”’s bass line plodding slowly like footsteps through the seven minute track.

It’s all very one paced, with each track feeling more like a different shade of the same colour rather than a different experience. “Life Eternal” ripens like a flower as it carries on, but I can’t help think, “I’ve been listening to this flower for nearly half an hour now, I want something else.” It seems that the steps that have taken Aelter further away from mainstream sensibilities have also led this solitary unit further and further away from having much purpose or striking effect. The tracks progress slowly, but only seem to become more and more in remission of their original impact.

I suppose I shouldn’t expect anything else from a band that makes up its own genres e.g. “Newnueromantic”, but for all the pomposity surrounding this act and Blake Green with his smug camera snaps- more substance is definitely in order.

Review by Jarod Lawley