Omega Diatribe – Abstract Ritual

Rating: 3.5/5
Distributor/ Label: Independent
Released: 2015
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abstract ritualBand line-up:

Gergely Komáromi: vocals
Ákos Szathmáry: bass
Gergő Hájer: lead guitar
Attila Császár: guitar
Tommy Kiss: drums


1. Subsequent Phase
2. Extrinsic
3. Hydroan Periods
4. Abstract Ritual
5. The Quantum
6. Unshadowed Days (Perception Remix)


Since 2008, Omega Diatribe have adopted a DIY approach to music with influences spanning from psychedelic to electronic subtleties, which saw the release of their debut album IAPETUS back in 2013. Their latest endeavour Abstract Ritual further adopts the band’s themes around spirituality and life and elevates them higher into the spheres of professionalism.

Kicking off with a dense sounding guitar groove, ‘Subsequent Phase’ sets a weighty tone. The vocals rupture with visceral growls as the heavy drum crashes bounce back and forth, to create a true mosh worthy opener.

‘Extrinistic’ ups the adrenaline with a further anarchic narrative to match. The transitions between melody also serve as a reminder of how formidable these guys are as musicians, as the momentum runs high throughout the track’s duration.

The record comes with plenty of memorable junctures, from the multi- layered hardcore prowess of ‘Hydrozoan Periods’ to the ambient textures of ‘The Quantum’. Shifting from their violent nature the band throw in a spoken dialogue and a more hardcore stance, which laments the maturity within their craftsmanship

Closing off with, ‘Unshadowed Days (Perception Remix)’ the band serve up one final offering of gritty guitars and double kick pedal fury. The vocals remain as tortured as ever and soar high in the mix.

Abstract Ritual dish out a fiery display of metallic noise. Full of interesting song structures and tightly woven instrumentation, they are sure to meet the demands of metal and djent fans alike. The production is also first class and provides a solid listening experience as the band unveil an impressive armoury of intricate riffs. Great work guys!

Review by Ben Spencer