Rating : 3/5
Distributor : Sleaszy Rider Records
Released : March 2015
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Band line-up

Peter Theuwen: Grunts, clean voice, guitars
Mattias Theuwen: Screams, guitars
Pepijn De Raeymaecker: Drums
Kobe Canniere: Keys, clean voice
Nick Meganck: Bass

  1. Longing…
  2. …For A Change
  3. Patterns Of Life
  4. Tangram
  5. Rays Of Light
  6. One Final Step
  7. Enslaved Dreams
  8. In All Remembrance
  9. Stargaze


The Belgian quintet from Wervik is coming back with their fourth album The Pulse of Mourning and the least I can say is that you do want to mourn when you hear it for the first time. When it is finished.

The first track, Longing, opens the album slowly, atmospherically. The second one, … For a Change, strikes by its aggressivity but also the musicality. Heavy riffs and grieving scrams will be your companions for the rest of the night. This is a dark and melodic. The vocals, well this is doom metal, so I suppose you can’t really avoid them. The music though would be perfect as soundtrack for another Riddim. Sad, Anrgy, desperate, apocalyptic. But with beauty. The guitar and keyboards harmonies in Rays of Light are powerful and almost fairy-like in a doom metal style. And then the beautiful lovely suprise. Piano, keys, violin on Tangram. A pearl of delicacy in this monster of desperation. A refined break much welcome and unexpected after the outrage of the first half. One Final Step is another one of these pearls. Lenghty with 8 minutes on the track, aggressive in the first half to dive into melodic dramatic guitars. The force of the melodies. In all Rememberance and Stargaze are other instances of their sensitivities with melodic lean voices and a sadness in the spirit.

What remains after hearing it and both fire and ice. Passion and aggression. The soft melodies intertwined with aggressive riffs. Its it to me the perfect combination and to be honest a great moving experience.

Review by Fatiha Zeghir