While She Sleeps & Cancer Bats @ HMV Fourm, London

30th April 2015
Review by Billy Edmonds
Pictures by Billy Edmonds

It’s a cold but actually sunny day, I’m currently on the way to London, Being held up by every traffic light possible. As it’s London, Parking is a nightmare as you all know I’m sure. On the venue’s page it does say free parking down Regis Road, can I just make this clear to any future fans going to this venue that THIS ISN’T THE CASE. They changed this last year and haven’t updated the page. Luckily a local car garage let me park outside their place for free!
I grab  my gear and headed to the venue. There seems to be a fair sized queue outside, a mass of Sleeps and Bats fans!


Now myself I have never actually heard of them, I did a small bit of research online and found out that they were a female fronted post metal band from Belguim. I have been pretty interested to see how well Caro’s screams hold up live. As they took to the stage, first thing’s first, why isn’t she wearing shoes? It’s a question that needs to be asked.


The first act on is always one that you’re doubtful of and sadly in this case I was right to be, the entire show sounded like it was in the same chord and the mood was completely dull. They played with the same backlighting for most of the set and i don’t
think i actually saw anyone’s face (of the band) for neigh on any of the songs, this really added to the death of their set.
This shocked me as I actually think they’re pretty good on album but after their performance on this show I don’t think I will ever been able to listen to them in the same way again. Sadly neither I nor or anyone else around me seemed too impressed.


Hundreth are the only true Hardcore band on this tour. Many people have told me they have pretty tight live show and people were not wrong. Hundreth are defiantly a band with pure talent to get people moving and warmed up ready.

With the typical running from left right to center stage throughout the set its a wonder that Chedwick’s (Lead Vocals) legs aren’t the size of tree trunks. The energy of this band is definitely intense, with the typical hardcore feel being put into every single word.
Chedwick’s energy didn’t go to waste at all, he did his job well, which was to get everyone pumped! I Definitely look forward to the next time they tour the UK!


Cancer Bats

I have seen Liam (vocals) perform with Axewound a few times and I have always been impressed with his live performances so I knew he was absolutely going to smash the hell out of The Forum and well, the pictures are evidence to prove he did just that.
With a massive of head banging enough to send the most veteran of headbangers to the local trauma unit the entire band completely blew away The Forum. It appears that most of the people in the forum tonight was there just for Cancer bats because they don’t tour the UK that often and if they do, the shows sell out rather quickly.


Really impressed! Word on the street is that Axewound might be making a sneaky appearance at Download Festival as well! The entire crowd is moving, jumping, Screaming head banging and what is only to be called short of Beating hell out of each other but it’s quite clear they don’t care.
Cancer Bats came here to represent and that is exactly what they did! I will admit I’m pretty shocked that Bats weren’t the main headliners for this show. Simply for the fact of the amount of people wearing their merch really appeared to outweigh the amount of people wearing Sleeps.

This being said it’s probably also because of the amount of people that actually left once Cancer Bats had finished! The standing pit was neigh on full during their set and went down to just over half as soon as bats finished. This does make you question why wasn’t they the main headliners?


Cancer Bats Setlist

1. Satellites
2. Pneumonia hawk
3. Trust No one
4. Lucifer’s Rocking Chair
5. Shillelagh
5. Devils Blood
7. Sorceress
8. R.A.T.S
9. Arsenic in the year of the snake
10. Deathsmarch
11. Roadsick
12. Cursed wih a conscience
13. Bricks & Mortar
14. Scared To death
15. Beelzebub
16. Sabotage (Beastie Boys Cover)
17. All Hail
18. Hail Destroyer
19. True Zero

While She Sleeps

The time has come for something I have been waiting for since Download Festival last year, I’ll admit, I’m grinning like a fanboy and feeling as giddy as a school girl. One of the biggest bands to be coming out of England within the last couple of years, While She Sleeps released their new album Brainwashed on the 23rd march 2015 which soon after ended up with them announcing this HUGE European tour.
There seemed to be a lot of new faces at this one and I really hope that if they have never seen Sleeps before they are about to love what is going to hit them! Although alot of people seemed to have left just after Cancer Bats finished this clearly didn’t put any of the remainder of the crowd to Sleep (see what i did there?)



With the crowd chanting “While She Sleeps” for around 10 minutes straight, I think they finally got the message as they came onto a Dark stage, All goes silent till a red light is shined onto the newly designed Red WSS Flag behind them. First song to come onto wasn’t exactly what I thought they’d open with, (New world Torture) but it worked fairly well!


It became Immediately clear that after following sleeps for the last 5 years seeing them at Tiny venues that they are starting to really make it and get their names out there.
While She Sleeps also used something which I honestly never thought I’d see them pull out of their majestically Northern bag of tricks;  Fire. Nothing screams metal show like Fire or CO2 right? Least that’s what someone told our boys down at Sleeps! As interesting as it was to see them play with fire I’m not too sure that it actually suited to their style of music; It’s either this or they completely choose the wrong songs to use it with. Lawrence Taylor seems to be also getting a grips for more dangerous and dramatic stunts and going into the crowd.


It was only a few days ago at Manchester Academy he jumped from the balcony into the pit below following in the footsteps of Clown from Slipknot!
Although there was no base jumping at The Forum, Loz did go into the crowd with a mega phone to get the mosh pits moving, which the entire crowd appear to love.


Neither band played an encore, as generally many bands don’t when its a co headline tour. While She Sleeps have come along way since they started out as the little band in Sheffield. Who knows exactly what the future holds for them? I just hope its as bright as what they are doing at the moment.

While She Sleeps Setlist

1. The Divide
2. New World Torture
3. Brainwashed
4. This Is The Six
5. Seven Hills
6. Torment
7. Kangaezu Ni
8. Life In Tension
9. Death Toll
10. Dead Behind The Eyes
11. Our Courage, Our Cancer
12. We Are Alive At Night
13. Our Legacy