Blur Are Back On Form With New Album: The Magic Whip!

Brit pop indie rockers Blur need little introduction. The quartet that formed in 1988 were seminal in the UK’s indie scene since their debut release. Now after a hiatus, and various other side projects, they have reconvened for The Magic Whip, which marks their first number 1 selling album since 1999.


Having experimented with genres from electronic to shoegaze, the band’s versatility put them at the forefront of the Britpop scene with their chart rivals Oasis back in 1995, spawning what became the Battle of Britpop.

Their success also caught international acclaim in 1997, through experimenting with a more low fi sound in their fifth album Blur. This record also featured their breakthrough track ‘Song 2’ which propelled them into mainstream stardom in the United States.

Since then, Graham Coxon left the band for a number of years during the recording of Think Tank, which reflected the band’s growing interest in Hip Hop music.

However, the former Goldsmiths Graduate soon returned to Blur which led to a series of concerts in 2009, as well as the release of several singles. However, their most notable achievement was in 2012 when the band received a Brit Award for outstanding contribution to music.

Now, twelve years since the release of Think Tank, at a press release in China Town (London), the band announced the release of The Magic Whip via Parlophone Records for the 27th April 2015. The record draws heavily upon their travelling experiences in Asia and is their sixth chart topping endeavour since Park life.

The Magic Whip around 60,000 copies in the UK alone and 20,000 copies in the USA since its official release date.