Fixion – Paraíso

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/label: Self-released
Released: 2014
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Fixion – Paraíso
Fixion – Paraíso
Band line-up:

Daniel César – Guitar, voice, keyboard programming
Tina Souto – Voice
Seba Etchecopar – Drums
Guille Albano – Bass


01. Paraíso
02. Hasta amanecer
03. El impulso
04. Espectral
05. Siren’s call
06. Siguiendo al animal
07. Reina del Hielo
08. Herejía
09. Inmaterial
10. Vuela Exacto


Fixion are the first Uruguayan band I, and probably you have come across. ‘Paraíso’ is their third album, which suggests this should have probably occurred a while ago. Their hard work to gain recognition has been rewarded with support slots with bands such as Sirenia, The 69 Eyes and Sisters of Mercy in South America.

Fixion may be located across the Atlantic but their influences sit firmly within European gothic metal. This sound is topped off with their own finishing flourishes of mostly Spanish lyrics and where songs are in English sung with a with a detectable Latin lilt. Influences which immediate come to the ear without reading the bio are German gothic metal masters Lacrimosa, Lacuna Coil and a spattering of every other female fronted gothic metal band ever, which is not a bad thing as it means they have blended a style of their own from what influences them.

The album opens with the title track which is a doomy gothic symphonic ditty with an industrial edge (think Kovenant). The sound is a little dated, however the production and songwriting quality makes up for this, whiles the Latin Spanish vocals puts a twist on the familiar.  The majority of the album features beautifully sung Spanish with the exception being ‘Siren’s Call’, which is in English. Being someone who often gets drawn in by melody over lyrics I found that the vocals and music seamlessly fused. ‘Hasta Amanecer’ standing out amongst the Spanish songs a a as an excellent example of this.  ‘Espectral’ features a particularly clean operatic vocal which is very good and imparts just how good a band Fixion are.

They will probably hate me for saying this but overall the best way to describe them is a Latin American Lacuna Coil. It is however the best description. If that sounds like your kind of thing head to Fixion’s website and check it out yourself

Review by Victoria Fenbane