Implode- I Tension-I of Everything Chapter IV

Rating: 2.5/5
Distributor: Cramada Records
Distributor Website:
Released: 2015

Implode cover artBand Lineup

Christoffer Knutsson – Guitar
Victor Lindquist Moreau – Guitar
Henrik Axelsson – Drums
Victor Danling – Bass
Johan Ejerblom – Vocals


1. Behind Craven
2. Of Needle and Thread
3. Speaker of the Deaf


Swedish thrash/death metal band  who, according to their Facebook page, will be out on tour this fall with Entombed A.D on a select city run of Europe. Also listed on their Facebook page it says, jokingly I am sure, their hobbies include “eating babies”. That actually made me chuckle.

I of Everything is the band’s third opus, and my first introduction to them. It is the follow-up to their successful second album “Under a New Sun”

“Behind Craven”, their first song, starts with a slow guitar intro. It actually reminded me of Anthrax’s Sound of White Noise album. Real dark, but heavy, with kind of a crisp tone to the guitar. It then kicks into a nice thrashy riff from there. Craven has without a doubt a really cool 80s thrash sound. No guitar solo, though, unfortunately. I am not sure what’s up with that. They certainly a missed opportunity for their guitarists to shine. The drumming on this song is very solid. You can tell the drummer, Axelsson has been influenced by thrash giants Charlie Benante and Lars Ulrich.

On “Speaker of the Deaf”, the second track off The Chapter IV EP, the drummer starts it off with a nice drum fill intro before the guitars kick in. The drummer really shines on this track.  ‘Speaker’ does have some decent riffs in it, reminiscent of early 80s thrash, to a point. These guys are no Metallica or Anthrax, but, there could be some hope for these guys. What ruined this song for me was the cookie monster vocals. Awful.

Of Needle and Thread, the third and final track off the EP, unfortunately starts out with a vocal roar of an intro. However, the guitars do shine on this track a lot more than the other two songs. There is actually a bit of melody in this song, much to my surprise. This gives me some hope for these guys. There is a really nice break in the guitar crunch where the tempo slows to almost ballad levels. They switch over to what sounded like clean guitars before speeding up and thrashing out to the remaining one minute or so.

Overall this album had some bright moments. Certainly the drummer and guitarists both shined on different parts of the songs. They show signs of some “thinking outside the box” instead of just straight up 1983 second rate thrash band wannabes. I hope they continue to stretch their musical ability and styles and use more melody. One of thrash’s biggest bands, Megadeth, uses a ton of melody in their music, while still being heavy.

There is still a lot of this EP that leaves to be desired. The biggest sticking point for me is the vocals, and for me to get into a band I have to like the vocals, but  the vocalist for Implode is terrible! The growling just makes me cringe, and hurts my ears. It will never cease to amaze me that some people can actually enjoy that style of vocals.

Review by Trapper Crane