Throw The Goat – Blood, Sweat & Beers

Rating: 3.5/5

Throw the GoatBand line-up:

Michael Schnalzer – Bass, Lead Vox
Brian “Puke” Parnell – Guitar, Vox
Scott Snyder – Drums, Vox


1. Buffalo
2. Blood, Sweat & Beers
3. Drown
4. Swap
5. All We Have
6. Idyllwild Eyes
7. Uprooted
8. 8 More Minutes
9. Waste
10. Road Home


Blood, Sweat & Beers is the second album by Californians ‘Throw The Goat’ and it’s exactly as the title suggests.  This is good old rock n roll that draws you straight into a rowdy sweaty bar room where large quantities of beer are being consumed and the band is blaring out at full volume.

There’s quite a Motorhead influence with the aggressive riffs and pounding drums that rarely let up.  The vocals are strong too and whilst there may be nothing overly new there musically, it doesn’t really matter as they’re good at what they do so why mess with a tried and tested formula.

If the title track Blood, Sweat & Beers doesn’t get you up and jumping around I don’t know what will as it’s a rip roaring heavy rock anthem.  In fact, most of the album is.  They’re quite punk influenced in places and even though I’m not keen on punk I thoroughly enjoyed Uprooted and Drown.  Swamp see’s them slow down the tempo a bit and is another song that stood out on the album, whilst  the final track Road Home gives it a nice finish.

It’s a good fun listen and one for all die hard heavy rock fans.

Review by Milady