Undersmile – Anhedonia

Rating: 4/5
Distributor/Label: http://www.blackbowrecords.com/
Released: 2015

Undersmile - AnhedoniaBand Line-Up:

Hel Sterne – vocals, lead/rhythm guitarTaz Corona-Brown – vocals, rhythm guitar
Olly Corona-Brown – bass
Tom McKibbin – drums
Jo Quail – cello
Lee Riley – drones/fc


1. Labyrinths
2. Sky Burial
3. Song Of Stones
4. Atacama Sunburn
5. Aeris
6. Emmenagogue
7. Knucklesucker


Anhendonia is Oxford based doom band Undersmile’s second album, and their sixth release since forming in 2009.  The album has a very slowed down sound with creepy  funeral like duel vocals, along with clean guitar and cello which give it a very dismal feel.  Their style is not your stereotypical doom but it somehow manages to portray a feeling of doom far greater than the more traditional bands.  Until the heavy guitars and vocals kick in you forget how heavy this band actually are and it hits you hard when they do.

With 7 tracks spanning around 70 minutes it may seem long to some but it’s full of emotion and you never get bored listening.  A must for anybody who likes their music slower paced and very dark.

For me it conjured up an image of a post-apocalyptic future of barren landscapes and empty buildings, with the sound of the band echoing from an abandoned church whilst the last of humanity take their dying breaths.

All in all, a great album.  Looking forward to more from them.

Review by Milady